What Our Guests Say About Villa Isla Azul

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July 30 - August 5, 2012
Second time visiting is still just as fun, just as beautiful and just as much of a thrill as before. We love it here. We love Antonio, Claudia, Maria, and Allen. We can gladly call them friends. Like to give a shout out to Bill Norman for his support of the Sawnee Woman's Club!
For now... goodbye
-- Andy, Wendy, Morgan (16), Brook (13), Amy (12) & Johnny (9) Goodrow, Cumming, Georgia

Juune 23-30, 2012
Everything about this vacation was incredible. The staff here has been top notch and the food was beyond description. We love Costa Rica and plan to come back many times. Our first adventrue was the zipline canopy tour, followed with ATV ride to the beaches. The second day our 3 men went fishing. No fish tale - they caught 8 sail fish and 2 mahi mahi. The Don Basco sailing and snorkeling day was most memorable. Thank you for letting us be a part of this amazing paradise!
--Steve Shultz, Cumming, Georgia
--Mary L., Cumming, Georgia
--Tyler & Joanna Shultz, Aiken, South Carolina (Thank you for everything!)
-- Erin Shultz & Kris Hoerler, Athens, Georgia :)

May 26 - June 2, 2012
Pura Vida! We had a wonderful week here at Isla Azul and were already plotting our next trip back on the 2nd day we were here! Antonio, Claudia, and Maria were perfect and made our home away from home exceptionally cozy. It was so energizing each morning to step out on the porch and stare at the view we had. Our stay included a boat tour on Antonio's boat; zipline/rafting tour; massages/mais/pedis, and a morning in town -- all of which were unforgettable. We hope to be back sooner than later.
-- Paige & Stephen O'Kelley, Charleston, SC

We are all so sad to leave this incredible place to return to the real world. Everything is better in Costa Rica. We snorkeled, went scuba diving, saw monkeys, octopi, sharks, lizards, and relaxed for an entire wonderful week. We've befriended the Villa Isla Azul residential crabs, iguanas, and birds and I know we will miss even them. We will most certainly come back to this gorgeous place.
-- Jeff, Becky, Amanda, JJ Eglen, Mt. Pleasant, SC
-- Thomas R. Haley III, Indianapolis, IN

May 6, 2012
We hate to leave this slice of paradise! Truly a "complete" vacation! From the beginning of our girl's week we were pampered by Antonio, Claudia, and Maria! Then came Rosa & Mary for the best massages, facilas & nail treatments. There was snorkeling on the beach, cave exploration and sunsets on Antonio's boat with Jose & Michael (the best!). The riverboat cruise with lunch was a real treat. Monkeys (white faced) climbing into the boat, a red mackaw & much more! The Boingreen resort was 5-star -- horseback riding, zipline, mud baths and spa - top of our list! Very professional and top notch lunch and staff. Don't wear anything too tight -- one of our girls split her pants wide open! This week we wanted for nothing! Drinks and food served whenever we wanted. 5-star restaurant here at Villa Isla Azul! The critters at night and during the day were entertaining. Racoons come in when doors are open, so keep an eye out! Thank you Bill for letting us bid on the beautiful place - you are so generous!
-- Gale Y., Cumming, Georgia

One fabulous place with the most incredible view!! The staff and the food and drinks were amazing!! I enjoyed all the animals (even the racoons)! My two favorite excursions were the river boat and ziplining in the rain forest!! (Also included riding horses, mud bath, mineral springs, and steamroom heated by volcano :) We will be back!!
--Lynn Maxim, Cumming, Georgia

May 6, 2012
Perfect vacation, perfect traveling companions, perfect staff, perfect accomodations!!! Thanks Antonio, Claudia & Maria for a wonderful time. Incredible food & drinks -- all served with such sweet smiles. We don't want to leave!!
-- Candy Stephenson, Huntsville, Alabama
P.S. Tell the racoons we WON'T miss them!! Tell the iguanas, monkeys & birds that we'd like to take them home!!

Everything at the villa was all anyone could wish for! We stayed at the villa much of the time. Just did not want to leave. Antonio, Claudia, & Maria made every day relaxing and our bellies full of wonderful delights! Rosa & Mary gave us the best of the best massages, facials and pedicures. Truly the best I have "ever" had! The river cruise was welll worth the trip. All five of use girls enjoyed that. We each feel at home here and want to return. Goodby to the monkeys, birds, and all creatures that came to visit.
--Judi Noack, Cumming, Georgia

May 2, 2012
A letter from Ron Mack:
On behalf of the four couples who journeyed to Costa Rica to vacation at the Villa Isla Azul, I just want to say THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH. Antonio, Claudia and Maria were fantastic and the stay at the house was beyond our expectations.

Attached is a column, A Senior Moment, that I write for our local weekly newspaper, The Cherokee Scout. The subject I wrote about that week was our amazing Isla Azul vacation. As a result of the column three people have asked for information about our trip, and I referred them to your website.

Can I make one suggestion and you can tell me whether or not it is feasible. Could screens be placed on the French doors between the common room and the patio? After the sun goes down the flying insects seem to gather where the lights are and one night the TV screen was covered with them. This was after a rain. They were not quite that troublesome on other evenings. Just a thought.

Thanks again to you, Pam, the Isla Azul staff, Allan, George and everyone else involved in Costa Rica Villas. Pura Vida!
-- Ron and Helen Mack, NC


A Senior Moment: One Week in Paradise, by Ron Mack
How many times have your hopes been elevated to the penthouse only to find the real
thing in the basement? When was the last time your expectations were not just met, but
blown through the roof? To the first question I would have to answer, often, and to the second
about two weeks ago.

My wife and I and three other couples recently returned from spending a glorious week
at a private villa in Costa Rica that was hyped by our son and daughter-in-law. No way could
such a place exist. No way could that kind of pampering exist. No way gourmet meals could be
prepared and served with such quality and class. No way that all of this and more could be
available at an affordable price. My friends, a place and people like that do exist and we
experienced them. It is one of the few times in my life where the experience equaled the hype.
Heck, it blew it away.

Where is this place you ask? It is Isla Azul, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. It is a villa owned by
a restaurateur living in Georgia, who rents it out with cook, butler/bartender and housekeeper
included. Complete with its own pool, Jacuzzi and breathtaking view of the Bay of Ocotal, it is a
place that my wife and I have only dreamed about. Yet here we were with six of our best
friends and family experiencing it.


Have you ever heard the roar and growl of a howler monkey? The sound amazes you;
especially seeing the small body from which it emerges. A large family of them lived in the area
around the villa and often would entertain us with their basso renditions. Of course, there also
were the iguanas that hung around the edge of the concrete deck watching us as we ate, drank
and generally just “chilled.”

We did venture away from the villa for a boat ride across the bay to a beach to snorkel
and then to a blow hole cave where water rushed in through two tubes meeting in a bowl on
the beach. Yours truly was kayoed by the incoming wave and nearly took a ten count. Another
excursion found us zipping through the tree tops on the Congo Trail Canopy Tour. Here was
another adrenaline rush. Back at the villa, we suffered through massages, manicures and
pedicures. It was a tough life, but someone had to do it.

Unfortunately our week in paradise soon came to an end, and we found ourselves on a
plane landing in Atlanta to temperatures about 40 degrees colder than our previous location.
Brrr. Humbug. Su Diev.

April 28, 2012
What an incredible vacation in an incredible spot. We had a great time with Antonio, Claudia and Maria -- they made the vacation extra special. We got to see monkeys, iguanas, crocodiles, zipe line, fish & eat like kings. We will definitely be back. "Pura Vida"
-- David & Carol Van Sant, Cumming, Georgia

April 15-22, 2012
Steve & Pam,
Based on what you told us, we arrived with high expectations. Guess what? Our expectations were met, exceeded and then went beyond that. What an experience! What a view! Most of all; what a staff! Claudia, Antonio and Maria were incredible. They cooked, served, cleaned and more and should be the definition of service.

Then there was the boat trip with Jose and Michael that was amazing. Zip lines, shopping, massages, the animals, especially the howler monkeys, were all outstanding and amazing. There are so many more superlatives I could add but I think I'll stop here and let someone else from our group add a few words. Pura Vida!
-- Ron & Helen Mack, John & Kathy Hoyt, Don & Karen Myers - Murphy, North Carolina
-- Jim & Marie Stiles - Columbus, South Carolina

March 20, 2012
In a word, incredible!Thanks to Antonio, Claudia and Maria for making our adventure more awesome than ever expected. The views, food, cocktails and experience was exceptional. From visiting Coco, having a drink at Father Rooster's or seeing the sunset on Antonio's boat, the vibe was FABULOUS (Tiff's word)! Thans Bill for the "opportunity" to experience this venture in your house. Everything and everyone made this a special 40th birthday for my wife.
Sincerely and with love,
Matt & Tiffany Nichols
Mike & Kim Gravitt
Cumming, Georgia
Haylo! :-) P.S. Massages from Rosa & team were awesome!!!

March 11-18, 2012
Our vacation at Villa Isla Azul and Costa Rica has been picture perfect and enjoyed by all. All expectations were met and more by the staff. We want to take Antonio, Claudia, Maria home with us! Great memories and pictures of my birthday with celebration!
-- Nancy & friends, Philadelphia, PA, Harrisburg, PA, and Northumberland, PA

February 26 - March 4, 2012
Our second trip to paradise, what could be better!!! Claudia, Antonio and Maria amazing. Family of nine treated like royalty. Will dream about this place for a long time.

Sail boat (Don Bosco), lunch on the beach (WOW!!), river boat through the preserve spectacular!!! Zip line tour will not soon be forgotten.
-- John & Nancy Riede +family, Denver, CO

February 24, 2012
¡Que maravillosa! Muchas gracias por todo. Era una vacación fabulosa.
-- Susan Crutchfield, Burnsville, NC

One of the best vacations ever! So beautiful and so relaxing! Certainly hope to return to your wonderful paradise!
-- Debbie & Bill Dore, Crowley, LA

Rosa’s five star massages were perfect! We were three couples and we had a great time. A real vacation in every way.
-- Paul Crutchfield, Brunsville, NC

February 24, 2012
What a wonderful week we had here at Isla Azul. It was one of the most relaxing seven days every -- we had two days up here with Rosa and her girls giving us spa treatments -- so luxurious. It’s a wonder we didn’t wear out the rockers -- the view is worth every minute of the time spent in them. The staff, Claudia, Antonio, and Rosa, were the best. Walks on the beach were nice, especially after so much “pigging out”! The six of us really bonded -- would love to repeat.
-- Gail & Al Montria, Yuba City, CA

February 11-18, 2012
Our party of 8 had an absolutely enjoyable stay from February 11-18, 2012! This was indeed paradise for us. The food was great, the accommodations superb! Antonio, Claudia, and Maria took care of all of our needs. We enjoyed the river cruise, the ATV ride, and the boat ride. Antonio drove us into town on numerous occasions. Probably the most enjoyable part was sitting on the deck watching the birds, ocean, and wildlife. We had the pleasure of meeting George, the pasota (animal that is a cross between a monkey and raccoon). George visited with us each morning and evening to get his share of crackers. George was very tame and we had him drinking water out of a cup before the end of the week. We named him George and he seemed to like it. Then there were the blue jays, starting off with 2 at the beginning of the week and ending up with 4. I guess the word got out about the crackers, too. These birds would take the crackers right out of your hand. Then we had the 2 iguanas that would visit. Then 3 raccoons would come by occasionally. We saw parakeets and many other species of birds. This was a very relaxing vacation and we appreciate the daily efforts that all of the people put into making us visitors comfortable!
-- Glenn and Denise Postell --Bill & Judy Caskey --Jason and Leslie Willis --Beatle and Judy Bailey

January 14-21, 2012
It’s our last day and time to say goodbye to this beautiful villa with the magnificent view, Antonio, Claudia, and Maria who pampered us so well, the friendly jay birds, small green parrots, howler monkeys, iguanas and raccoons who visited us daily and the warm, gentle (and strong) breezes. We played in a six-day bridge tournament, took the river cruise, canopy tour, played golf at Papagayo Golf Club, had an “adventurous” time on Antonio’s boat, visiting the beaches and river. It’s been a wonderful week with friends. Pura Vida!!
-- Nancy & Carl Bowen, Suwanee, GA

As a survivor, I appreciate the opportunity for all of us to enjoy this beautiful week from an auction at the Laurel Springs Women’s Golf Association Breast Cancer Golf Tournament. This was a very special vacation in a special place with our very special friends. Thank you Bill Norman -- we will see you back in Georgia @ Norman’s Landing.
-- Linda & Osley Borchardt, Suwanee, GA

What a magnificent time we have had! Besides all of the above, we also enjoyed the ATV tour and the massages by Rosa and her team. Special thanks to our team -- Antonio, Claudia, and Maria.
-- Terry and Tony Taggart, Suwanee, GA

Such a great time with special friends -- enjoyed cocktails in the hot tub, rocking chair at cocktail time, watching the clipper ships sailing past -- everything was fabulous!!
-- Karen Eryer & Frank Poliano

December 18-27, 2011
Wow! What a beautiful place and what wonderful people in Costa Rica. Villa Azul is a treasure; and the staff of Antonio, Claudia, and Maria made us feel so welcome and cared for -- they are absolutely topnotch people.

Our family enjoyed so many things -- the views every day from this great porch; the pool; the magnificent two beaches to walk to; the Tempisque river trip where we were lucky to see many birds, crocs, and personal encounters with the whitefaced monkeys; kayaking down the Colorado; walks into town; mud baths and canopy tour on Christmas day; and even the cardio workouts on these hills!

This was a magnificent vacation for us with such joyful times together as a family -- made more so by the generosity and incredible service of Antonio, Claudio, and Maria! We had a wonderful time fishing on Antonio’s boat -- a half day and while day with Captain Jose and mate Randy. Caught a few -- saw huge humpback whale up close. Lots of turtles and porpoises riding the boat’s bow stern.

The breakfasts, lunch and dinners were so special. We made friends with Papagayo, the iguana, the raccoon family and the magpie jays! Unbeatable hospitality.
-- The Preyer & Oglesby families, Chapel Hill, NC

August 6, 2011
First of all Steve, thank you for booking our trip last minute. We were torn between Costa Rica and a few other places for our vacation. Villa Isla Azul was absolutely the perfect choice!

Antonio, thank you for everything you did for us! We couldn’t have found a better man to become friends with!! You and your boat are AWESOME!! Claudia, every meal you made us was delicious! The taste of the food was incredible and also the presentation. You have a very kind spirit! Allan, you are a great tour guide! We couldn’t have made it without you! Maria, you sweet girl! Thank you for laughing at our corny jokes. You made our stay so easy with clean clothes everyday. (Next time we won’t have to pack so much!)

Our activities included the canopy tour, water rafting, horseback riding, massages and of course shopping. We tried to narrow down our favorite, but had a hard time so... Antonio’s Boat!! First of all, he was very accommodating in every aspect, but the truly extraordinary moments were Don catching mahi mahi and a huge sail fish! We never dreamed that villa and the view would be so beautiful! We can’t wait to return next year! We plan to bring our entire family with us next time. Words cannot express how much we enjoyed our stay with Antonio, Claudia, and Maria’s company!

Villa Isla Azul
El lugar mas bello del mundo
-- Don and Rhonda Aydelott, Vernon, TX

July 30, 2011
Costa Rica: HEAVEN! One question – can we smuggle Claudia, Antonio and Maria out of the country? You all treated us like royalty! The meals were cooked to perfection! All of the drinks were delicious and refreshing. The ATVs, Antonio’s boat, white water rafting, the ziplines, horseback-riding, snorkeling and pedicures were SUPERB! The service was definitely five-star! Thank you for the BEST vacation ever! Gracias!
-- The Drapeau family, Cumming, GA

February 2011
This was a wonderful week in paradise! The entire staff was nothing short of spectacular. Will certainly hope to come back. Great view for whale and monkey watching. Antonio, Cluadia, Maria and Tomato are first class! Thank you for a wonderful week!
--Antonio & Tara Dennis, Alpharetta, Georgia -- Mark & Chris Johnson, Alpharetta, GA -- Kim & Peggy Fortney, Gainesville, GA -- Dave & Michelle Scoopa, Alpharetta, GA

February 26 to March 5, 2011
What happens in Costa Rica, stays in Costa Rica! And we had a wonderful time!! It was all A+ wonderful!
-- Eric & Lina Duncan, Suwanee, Georgia

Expectations were high, but you exceeded every one of them. The facilities were great but nothing beats the staff. Great times!
-- Fred & Gayle Frechette (see you at Norman's Landing)

OMG - I have died and gone to heaven! I never expected to feel this way about Costa Rica -- now it is "up there" on my favorites list. Antonio, Claudia and Maria are part of our mamilia now -- and of course "Tomato." We all feel renewed again -- we will take home some great memories. Thank you for sharing your little bit of heaven. Until we meet again -- Pura Vida!
-- Gayle Frechette, Cumming, GA - P.S. You must go to the volcano, rain forest and hot springs -- it will be the best tour that you have ever taken. Don't let the 3 1/2 hour drive deter you - awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

December 26, 2010 - January 2, 2011
Had a lovely time. The staff was excellent. The meals were wonderful; service was great. Fishing trip was amazing, beach tour and zip-lining were spectacular. Couldn't ask for anything more.
-- Faimans & Pramschutes, Washington D.C/ Los Angeles, California

December 19-26, 2010
Today is Christmas, and we are in paradise! But, all compliments about this magnificent trip must begin and end with the excellent staff - Cluadia, Antonio, and Maria. Three of the most lovliest people we have ever known! Claudia is a whiz in the kitchen - EVERYTHING she prepared was absolutely delicious! And Antonio is so friendly and warm and kind. He served us with a smile on his face and with genuine pleasure. And Maria is a dear - made us feel at home and did our laundry so efficiently and quickly.

The view is beyond capre - and we've had so many fun excursions. Allan (and his son) are great and so informative. We rafted, ziplined, took a boat and snorkelling tour (on Antonio's boat), the boys went fishing, the girls kayaked in the ocean, and we all enjoyed a massage.

Tomorrow, it is back to reality. But we hope to return to Costa Rica. But, to close - I repeat - our vacation was over the top because of Claudia, Antonio, Maria and their many talents, warmth, and genuine enthusiasm to serve.
-- Love, The Darris family (Marietta, GA), Feliz Navidad!

November 20-27, 2010
This was our third time here at Isla Azul, & we enjoyed it just as much as the first. The staff was wonderful, the food & drinks were delicious, & the experience was unforgettable! We loved the trip on Antonio's boat! The beaches & snorkeling were beautiful. The zip line & white water rafting trip was very fun! The ATV & surfing in Tramarindo were also a great time! We love this place, the people (expecially the amazing staff) & Costa Rica's "Pura Vida." We're already planning our next trip!
-- The Togher Family, Palos Hills, Illinois

October 2010
I think everyone needs a vacation where you are pampered with beautiful scenery on the tours, great food which was always served fresh and hot and a view from the villa to die for. My son and I snorkled along the nearby rocky shores almost daily which we really enjoyed. The highlight of the trip for me was fishing where my father caught the largest fish (60 pound rooster fish).

This place is really a paradise!!! Beter than we expected. Magnificent view... Breathtaking and we are very pleased... Maria, Claudia, and Antonio - we are going to smuggle and put you in our suitcase and take you home... Thank you, thank you very much, very humble people. Claudia's cooking is excellent, Maria made us feel at home, our rooms were very clean and Antonio always with a smile, margarita and all drinks that he serves are fabulous. Eight days is not enough for us. The sport fishing on Antonio's boat, catching 35 and 60 pound rooster fish is the best.
-- M. Bolentini, San Francisco, California

August 17-26, 2010
Thank you! Thank you! Muchas gracias! We had an incredible 10 days in "Paradise." Antonio, Claudia & Maria spoiled us with food, drink and magnificent surroundings that were beyond compare. "Tomato" was an excellent tour guide and helped us experience Costa Rica - zip lining, rafting, surfing, a wonderful boat trip and snorkeling along the black sand beaches. It's hard to rueturn to the reality of home - until we meet again.
Pura Vida!
-- Pat, Bill, Camille, Joe Gillotti, Redding CT -- Adam Arsenault, Boston, MA -- Joe Sparveri, Naples, FL -- Mike O'Kane, Easton, CT

July 25-29, 2010
The most enjoyable vacation we could ever hope for. Far exceeded our expectations. Antonio has become "The Man" and his smile, service, and sincerity make him the best at what he does. Claudia is a magician in the kitchen at breakfast, lunch and dinner. We loved every meal she prepared. Maria kept our rooms immaculate, clothes clean and quick to satisfy our every need. This staff is first class in every way possible! We all loved Antonio's boat tour, zipline and the massages.

The majority of our week we spent right here enjoying games, pool, whirlpool, movies, visits from the monkeys, iguanas, racoons, and birds. We hope to be lucky enough to come back soon!
-- The Miriella Family: Joe, Pat, Joey & Hannah, North Carolina
-- The Johnson Family: Ray, Karen, Kyle, & Sheree, North Carolina & Georgia

July 10-14, 2010
What a wonderful vacation! We all love Costa Rica -- this was our first visit. The monkeys were too cute. Antonio's boat was awesome -- I have never found so many pretty shells on one beach. The guys enjoyed the fishing too. Claudia's cooking is amazing! We were spoiled by Maria doing our laundry! We hope to be back soon -- thank you Goodrow family for our awesome trip!! : )
-- Love, The Berry Family: Flip, Juline, & Savannah from Cumming, Georgia

July 1-9, 2010
Back for our second time! Antonio, Claudia, & Maria -- Thank you for being the reason we came back and for such (another) wonderful vacation in Costa Rica! This week was another fun-filled trip that went by way too fast. This year we all went on ATVs along the beach and all 7 of us got our first (and definitely not last) massages! Antonio's boat was such a relazing and peaceful place to look at the beautiful sunset, see sea turtles for the first time, and even catch a huge rooster fish! There was an entire family of monkeys to watch and hear right outside the balcony the whole week too! These are just a few of the many, many parts that made this yet another unforgettable time at Villa Isla Azul. But nothing would have been as perfect without Antonio, Claudia, & Maria. You guys are the greatest and we appreciate and thank your for everything. These 8 days went by way too fast and we can't wait to see you all again very soon. We will email Antonio pictures!! See you next year. : )
-- Love always, The Gannon Family: Pat, Patty, Anna (19), Nellie (18), Madeline (16), Clava (13), and Patrick (11) from Orland Park, Illinois

June 12-17, 2010
This was the most amazing week. We love Costa Rica! Antonio and all of his staff were just absolutely wonderful, always service with a smile and the best food imaginable. We had great fun on the zipline, at the beach, on the toat, and at the pool with our family. We can't thank Dad/Tom/Grandpa and Mary Anne enough for planning this excellent vacation for the whole family. Your generousity is unforgetable. We look forward to coming back with everyone!
The Mall Family... -- Mary Anne & Tom, Gainesville, Georgia -- Tom & Naz, Dunwoody, GA -- Beth & Hank, Duluth, GA -- Meg, Samantha, & Alex, Alpharetta, GA -- Mike, Donna, John, & Jessica, Decatur, GA

May 7, 2010
A remarkably superb vacation with the "best" staff ever! "Perfecto Todos" We will miss being spoiled in paradise!!
Muchas Gracias, The White Family from Cumming, Georgia -- Dottie White Cobb -- Betty James White -- Doris White Corona -- Lance White -- John White -- David White -- Joe White -- Jennifer SanFratello White -- Jackie Freer

Enjoyed everything. Wonderful! -- Betty

One of the Best Vacations Ever -- Lance

March 6-14, 2010
We began our visit in Costa Rico in Villa Lapa because Azul was occupied at the time we arrived. When we arrived at Isle Azul we were amazed at how big is was and how this could fit sot so many people and there were only six of us. The first activity we did was the boat tour where we saw the most exotic animals and got to feed the monkeys. Then the zipline through the canopy! What fun that was, and all the crazy ways we could get to the end of the line. We took a boat tour and rode ATVs. Tomato and Allan made every tour special. Grandparents, parents and kids all had fun. What a fantastic treat it was to meet Antonio, Claudia, and Maria. They treated us like royalty and made every part of our stay wonderful.

We can't wait to come back and wish we could have had more of our family here to enjoy this beautiful country. We have been many places in the world, but never felt so welcome as we did here. Thank you Antonio, Claudia, Maria, Tomato & Allan for making our trip wonderful!
-- Mary, Sean, Liam (13), & Frank (10) Kelly -- Bill & Fran Baun (Grandparents) from Ontario, Canada

March 21-27, 2010
What a wonderful time our family had at Villa Azul! This was a trip our family will talk about for years to come. We enjoyed the zipline and rafting. Antonio's boat provided much entertainment with the cave, shells, snorkeling, and rooster fish. The river boat cruise was incredible with monkeys, crocodiles, and beautiful birds. What really made the vacation was the hospitality of Antonio, Yami, and Maria. They were always smiling and pleasant. Antonio and Yami made my daughter's 9th birthday one she will never forget. Gracias!
-- Mark, Heidi, Charlie (15), Andrew (13), Henry (11), and Helen (9) Altfillisch from Ottumwa, Iowa

February 12-19, 2010
God's beauty laid right before our eyes for these wonderful days we were blessed to spend at La Villa Isla Azul! Oh how we want to stay here forever -- we will leave our hearts here and long to return very soon! Our 40th anniversary with our dearest friends, the Eberhards & the Henks, was an extraordinary week, but the group just could not stop saying, look where we are, here in Costa Rica, at such a beautiful spot, and with such wonderful people! Antonio kept bringing the "refreshements", and Clauda, oh my gosh!, we all want her recipes -- she is a magnificent cook; Maria made "our new home" just so comfy & clean (now we are so depressed to have to go back & have to clean & wash again!) Our deepest thanks to all of you!

We had so many amazing experiences just staying here at the Villa! Relaxing in the pool & hot tub, bird watching on the patio, enjoying the visits of other wild life & enjoying la Pura Vida!!
We will be back!!

We loved it!! God bless our staff here at the Villa!!
-- Weldon & Karon Preiss - New Braunfels, Texas

February 12-19, 2010
Pura Vida -- My new favorite saying! I don't think I will be able to adequately describe this place, even with all my pictures, to our family and friends back home. The ultimate in pampering. The privacy of the facilities and the way we all felt at home. The view to die for. We have to return for diving and fishing and more of the sights. Really enjoyed the relaxing, food, and drinks rather than a lot of tours but recommend the Super Combo to Buena Vista at Rincon de la Vieja. Slide, zip-lines, mud bath & hot springs & FOOD. Great trip to do. Snorkling & beach tour was great on our first day too, but don't forget the sunscreen! We had wonderful massage day here at the villa. We all spent time just watching the wildlife through binoculars, our feet propped up along the rail.

Antonio is a gem and my husband would love to steal Claudia away! Maria kept us taken care of in all ways, our rooms always perfect.

Seriously, we could stay here forever! Thank you for a great trip shared with our dear friends the Henks & Preisses (40th wow).
-- Dennis & Diana Eberard - New Braunfels, Texas

December 26 - January 2, 2010
Happy New Year!!! Muchas gracias senor Antonio & Senora Maria & Claudia. I think I have died & gone to Heaven. The scenery, food, attention, chips & pico de gallo, the boat ride, chips & pico de gallo, rainforest, zip lining, chips & pico de gallo. Oh did I mention being completely spoiled!!!!

The boys & Kathy went fishing. Nathan (11) caught a 100# sailfish & Henry (8) a mahi mahi which fed all 11 of us for dinner.

Words can't convey they awesome time we had. The resident iguana paid us a visit, also the monkeys...got in the house & devoured numerous cookies & crackers. Also had racoons & several different birds & parrots.

What a great way to usher in the New Year. It ranks #1 on my list of family vacations. We will be back!!
Kudos to our wonderful staff! They are the best! Also, if you take tours, be sure and ask for Jose & Warner.
-- Karlyn & Tom Walsh - Leawood, Kansas
-- Kathy, Bob, Colleen 18, Allison 17, Maggie 14 - Overland Park, Kansas
-- Terrie & Chris, Nathan 11, Henry 8 - Redwood City, California

October 24-31, 2009
It was before the GA/FLA weekend and also the start of the World Series week! WOW – what a week – I’ve never had so many wonderful MASSAGES. (Thank you, Rosa & friends @ 5 Star Spa) and so much rest!!! This was really a fabulous week – I have never been so pampered. We would love to come back again and again – next time to see the whales and turtles. Antonio, Claudia and Maria are The Best! I will take the Pura Vida home to Atlanta and never forget this beautiful and wonderful place. Muchas Gracias! Thank you so much for a fabulous week – Antonio, Claudia and Maria made the week. We will be back! Colin wants to catch his marlin and I want the river tour, so we must come back. --Colin & Charlene Barker - Atlanta, Georgia

July 18, 2009
Antonio, Claudia, y Maria:
Thank you so much for making our first trip to Costa Rica such an awesome experience. From the house itself to the food to the view and wildlife... everything was unbelievable. Seeing the dolphins, cave, fish, and especially whales! on Antonio's boat was one of the most memorable! You guys made my mom's 50th birthday the best for her. It was everything she hoped and more. It has been the best family vacation ever thanks to you. Some events outside Villa Isla Azul: the Mega Tour where we zip-lined in the canopy, went horseback riding, slide down the waterslide in the rainforest, the mudbath + hotsprings, and the Buena Vista waterfall. Also, the river tour where we saw the howler monkeys for the first time, iguanas, birds, crocodiles, and beautiful scenery. So much we saw and did in seemingly so little time! It went by way too fast. Hopefully we will be back very, VERY soon! Thank you again Antonio, Claudia, and Maria! We'll never forget Villa Isla Azul, the experiences, or you! -- Love, The Gannon Family - (Chicago) Orland Park, Illinois - Pat(52), Patty(50), Anna(18), Nellie(17), Madeline(15), Clara (12), Patrick(10)

July 17, 2008
This has been the best vacation of our lives!! The villa is as beautiful as this country. We are going home feeling rested, relaxed, and totally spoiled. What can we say about the drinks & the meals? Muy deliciosa! Our thanks to Antonio & Maria - you are the best! We will definitely be back - soon, we hope! --Steve, Angi, Kyle & Jordan Bennet - Lilburn, Georgia

July 12, 2008
Had a great time! Did it all - zip lines, National Park, snorkeling, beaches, etc. Great vacation! --Bob & Linda Shanahan - Cumming, Georgia

The best of everything - the villa, the people here the flora & fauna, the boat rides, food, hospitality - a great experience. --Barbara Shanahan - Syracuse, New York

Thank you to the staff for taking care of us uring our vacation and for making our time at the villa just wonderful. We had a wonderful time on Anonio's boat and Manny loved the zip line & ATV. We'll definitely come back. -- Manny & Laura

Muchas gracias portodo, en especial a Antonio y Anairis!! Estas vacaciones no podrean haber sido tan especiales sin su ayuda!! -- Kate Shanahan y Alfredo Ramirez - Decatur, Georgia

Wow! This has been a fabulous week. We'll miss the monkeys antics (especially Tinky). Thank you to Antonio, Maria & Ana. -- Rob & Kay Shanahan - Knoxville, Tennesee

July 5, 2008
We didn't even miss 4th of July fireworks with so many other wonderful adventures. Truly enjoyed Antonio's snorkeling tour - Gregory caught a 60 lb. sea turtle to show us. Enjoyed the beach at the Picante REstaurant. Go at high tide for best snorkeling & walk around the end to see an amazing blow hole. We had so many great adventures. We know you will too. We are sad to leave this beautiful countgry & the beautiful people.
--Tom & Kim McFadden, Huntsville, Alabama -- Randall & Court McFadden, New York, NY -- Dristen Leich & Dave Pak, New York, NY

June 21, 2008
Fantastic way for the Pettett's & Corona's to celebrate Wendy & Cindy's 50th birthday! Antonio & Claudia catered to all our needs including trips to Coco. Out of many excursions, our favorites were ATV 4-wheelin' with Peter & the canopy canyon/rafting trip. The water was up and the class 3 rapids were more intense. Allan's drivers are the best. Not only would we do an excursion, but also stop for local "signed" pottery from villages where it is made. This villa & Paraiso are our favorites so far. I hope we return in the winter to check out the volcano.
-- Pettetts - (David, Wendy, Chris & Brett) --Coronas ( Ernie, Cindy, Brian & Jonathan)

June 14, 2008
What a great week we have had. All the comforts of home & the hospitality from Antonio, Maria & Claudia! Beautiful days & nights. Good snorkeling at Ocotal beach. Canopy tours & rafting were great - would suggest this activity! Warner (our driver) & Roberto (our guide) were fantastic & accommodating. Ask for them when you book your tours with Allan. We've shared this wonderful week with the Butlers (Dave, Karen, Deith & Ellie) from Canton, GA & us - the Dowdell's ( Bill, Linda, Meg, Jack & Emily) from Kennesaw, GA so many laughs & good memories. Birds, fish, monkeys, crocodiles & new wildlife to enjoy - We hope each & everyone of you experience such a great time. We are blessed to be able to travel and enjoy such beauty. Our big thank you Costa Rica! Pura Vida . . . until next time,
-- Butlers/Dowdells

April 12, 2008
Tom and Sue Burnette, Ricky, Jisa, Burnette Brawn and Kelly and Amber Davice: We are from Georgia and Florida.What a magnificent week we had here at Villa Isla Azul. The staff was absolutely wonderful - always exceeding our every expectation! The view, the villa, the food, the caring staff - MAGNIFICO! Our salute to the Chef! And to our superb bartender - Antonio!We had a great time on Antonio's boat. The tour of the islands, beaches, and the ride up the river were unforgettable! We strongly recommend it for anyone, but especially for family groups. The beaches we visited were wonderful - no other people! The refreshments the boat carried were also great! We look forward to returning soon.
Thank you all so much!

March 2008
The best time I had was on Antonio's boat. The captain is very experienced and personable. His first mate is an old-school fisherman who is fun to watch at work. We went on two cruises. The first was a jaunt around to neighboring beaches. One beach had caves and the kids loved watching the world rush through. The other beach was the Four Seasons Beach & it was classy. We had such a good time on the 1st cruise that we also went deep sea fishing two days later. We traveled sea fishing together two days later. We traveled 15 miles and got to see much of the coastline. The best part was when we ran into a school of about 50 dolphins who followed our boat. Remember, though if you go deep sea fishing, try to leave as early as possible in the morning.
-- Dave Lieber, columnist, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Texas, USA

March 15, 2008
This has truly been an outstanding week in paradise. The villa is very comfortable & the staff spoiled us rotten. The view has to be the best around. What a way to wake up each morning. The food has been unbelievable. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone.
-- Thanks, Carl & Gwen Hopper, Carson City, NV

Dear Villa Isla Azul, We had so much fun! We loved the view of the ocean. The staff was amazingly good. The food was remarkable. Fordo was very friendly and made best friends with the youngest kid, cambridge (4). The canopy tour was really exciting. Deep sea fishing on Antonio's boat wass fun, we caught one 10 pound amberjack. We highly recommend this to all people.
-- The kids, Cambridge(4), Sage (6), Carson (7), Heath (9), Austin L. (10), Tristan (11) - Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

To the wonderful people at Villa Isla Azul,what a wonderful home you allowed the 10 of us to share. A marvelous staff that exceeded our every wish. The best food we've all eaten - it's back to the gym next week. Zip lining was exciting. The pool refreshing -- jumping through Tito -- our water Olympics -- was great fun. The drinks were refreshing and plentiful. Antonio was put to the test with this group. Gordo - you're spoiled and so were we. Thank you for a relaxing week
-- Susi and Eric Peterson - Carson City - Nevada

February 24, 2008
This has been a spectacular week. The staff have made us feel very much at home --- and for trhat we thank you all! The weather, the scenery, the food, the margaritas and the beautiful surroundings have mad our vacation one we'll never forget. Oh yes, we do want to come back to Villa Isla Azul. Gracias!!
From: Marblehead, MA - Lakeland, FL - Westfield, NJ and last but not least ....Port Washington, L.I. New York (and also North Andover, MA) -- Hap, Nate, Jake, Mike, Gap, Daren, Jackie, Geoff, Julia, Betty & Chas.
P.S. Antonio es muy guapo

February 9, 2008
What a fabulous week. This is truly paradise. Thank you so much Antonio, Xenia, & Maria for taking such good care of us. We were very spoiled. This was such a special time as we shared the wedding of our son with family and friends.
Thank you to everyone who made it so special.
-- Denis & Linda Corrin - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

January 25, 2008
Thank you, thank you, thank you to the staff here. Antonio is a wonderful host, Xenia is a spectacular cook and Maria took such good care of us. This is definitely one of the best family vacations we have had. The tours were great and just lounging around the pool was wonderful too. Especially Antonio's margaritas! Can't wait to return,
-- Cathy & Bob Iversen - Denver, Colorado

I agree with the previous guests - the staff certainly makes this house and vacation luxurious! We've rented places before but without help, it was just a different place - same work. Antonio's margaritas are the best. Warner was helpful with carting us around. Ocotal beach was amazing! I loved the tide pools. We had 10 people her an it was all lovely. We can't wait to come back!
-- Rob, Jen, Peter (7) and Ian (4) Iversen
P.S. Make sure you get some of Xenia's snapper!

I just wanted to let you know that our trip to your villa was the best family vacation we've had! The staff was beyond wonderful and I wish I could take them all home with me. My first day back home, I was wondering how I could survive without Xenia's meals, Antonio's pampering, and Maria's fabulous housekeeping. They are the best! Even in five-star hotels, we haven't felt as well taken care of. I hope we can visit again in the future. We will definitely recommend your villas to all our friends and relatives. Thanks for everything,
-- Cathy

January 19, 2008
Thanks to Karen for inviting me along to celebrate her 50th birthday - What a glorious wee - The view from the deck is unsurpassed - Antonio, Xenia & Maria are the greatest - Their contgribution is what makes this place such a paradise. Thanks so much!
-- Jim Craig - Sacramento, California

I am not good at writing but I want to say it was awesome! The time I spent here, I believe it was the best in my life! Antonio was so helpful withthe drinks!! His good attitude was excellent and very warming. There are too many words I could use for Xenia's cooking & big smile, but they were the best. Maria was quiet with a very nice smile. I will tell everybody I know about this place and I promise that I will be back to see new Three-Amigos!! Thank you for Everthing!
-- Steven J. Wright - Sacramento, California

Thanks to Karen for inviting us to celebrate her 50th birthday in Costa Rica. We did so many wonderful things while we were here - the canopy tour, horse back riding, the white-faced monkeys and crocodiles! But nothing was better than spending time here at the villa - Antonio, Xinia and Maria made our trip perfect. The food, the endless drinks and the way we were treated was above and beyond anything we ever expected. Thank you for everything. I will never forget our time spent here at Villa Azul. I hope to spend time here again.
-- Lisa Gaspereni & Ken Walsh - Sacramento, California

January 19, 2008
What a way to start a new year and my fiftieth year, the day started with a car ride thru Costa Rica with Roberto & Warner. Roberto sharing so much information with us about Costa Rica. we zip-lined thru the trees, went down an exhilaration water slide, adventurous horseback ride, relaxing sauna and hot pools ending with a wonderful dinner.

Antonio gave us a fabulous fireworks show. Nothing could have prepared us for such a wonderful week! I'm so pleased I chose Costa Rica to celebrate my birthday. Everyone - Antonio, Xinia, Maria . . . all wonderful! They treated us like family, we felt so welcomed! I'm sure we drove Roberto, Antonio, Omar crazy with all our questions, they were so gracious and answered everything! Xinia's cooking! Muy Bien! I'd like to take her home but then I'd need to buy a larger wardrobe.

My favorite -- "EVERYTHING"! Everyday was new & wonderful! We couldn't get enough of the view - it's going to be missed! There's so much that was awesome, the tours, our boat ride, feeding the iguana on the deck,, the people and experiencing it all with family and friends! La pasamos muy bien, muchas gracias!
-- Karen - Sacramento, California


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