What Our Guests Say About Villa Mariposa

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July 16-23, 2016
We had a blast!!! Everything was better than we imagined. The food was amazing, the drinks were fantastic. This was the first bartender that made me throw in the towel from a great Long Island Iced Tea. For a well needed vacation, it was everything we hoped for and more! Hate to say “goodbye,” so we will say “see ya later,” and we will be back next year. Thanks for such a great time. Adios.
-- Fasho, Detroit, MI

July 2-7, 2016
We had such an amazing time here at Villa Mariposa. G & Ana were so kind! Ana made amazing meals and G was always asking us, “Would you like something to drink or are you finished?” They put so much effort and time into their jobs. We had an awesome experience ziplining, rock climbing, and rafting. Stephen was helping my two daughters and kept them safe during rafting. My husband and sons fished with Antonio’s crew and had an amazing experience…snorkeling with them was perfect, too. We had relaxing massages and that was an amazing way to start the week. Pura vida!
-- The Huenes, Colorado

March 28 - April 2, 2016
Thank you for taking very good care of us at Villa Mariposa. All the delicious meals and drinks! Great fishing with Antonio’s boat - catching a beautiful Rooster fish…loved the snorkeling with Michael! Kendall took good care of us on a horseback ride and zipline trip. We stopped off at a place where we were tasting sugar cane juice. Hope to be back soon!
-- Ellen & Bob Harris, LaGrange, GA

What a great vacation… We enjoyed the zipline, horseback riding on the beach, fishing and snorkeling. We found lots of exciting things snorkeling and Michael was the best! We can’t wait to visit again.
-- Bella & Nicole Smith :-), LaGrange, GA

March 5-12, 2016
A week is never long enough when you find paradise. Great friends, breathtaking view, and stiff drinks are the perfect combination for an unforgettable trip. Every meal was phenomenal and every beverage was better than the last. Deep sea fishing, the canopy tour, the mud baths/hot springs, and simply lounging around the pool are some of the memories we’ll carry with us forever. Thank you to the entire Villa Mariposa staff for treating us like family.
-- Mark & Rachal, Kyle & Viv, Brandon & Andrea, Chicago, IL / Saginaw, MI

February 6-13, 2016
Villa Mariposa and this country has surpassed any vacation hopes we could have imagined. The peaceful setting with the beautiful birds, the iguanas, families of monkeys and raccoons - so cool. Trips to Father Roosters added to the fun. Snorkeling around to Gringo Beach was a great adventures. We have loved being so spoiled by Douglas, Anabel, and Mariela - their sweet, kind presence has been so special. Would recommend Antonio’s snorkeling trip and cave exploration. ATVs and ziplining were a highlight. Thank you to Kendall for being so helpful on that trip. “G” was great getting us to and from trips into Coco Beach. Allen was so helpful and knowledgeable. Loved Francisco’s welcome the first day and his checks on us. No works can truly explain the feelings as we prepare to leave this paradise!
-- Tom & Karen Boyd, Jake Boyd
-- Randy & Sarah Hutchinson, Hartwell, GA

January 17-24, 2016
We had a fantastic vacation with two great friends! Anabel makes the absolute best food, G is an amazing bartender, and Mariela did a great job all week with laundry and cleaning. We recommend Antonio’s boat/snorkel tour and massages with Rosa and the gang. We know this will be a vacation spot we will come back to in the coming years. Thank you so much for the hospitality. Pura vida!
-- Stephen & Leesa Welsh, Pierre, SD

We had an amazing week with our two best friends. Allan was very knowledgeable and helpful setting up our tours. Absolutely *LOVED* Anabel’s cooking. Every meal was so delicious!! Gerald, or “G” as we called him, was an amazing bartender. Mariela did a good job with our laundry and cleaning. There isn’t one bad thing to say. We’d recommend Antonio’s boat/snorkel tour. It was wonderful! Also ask for Rosa and her girls - best massages. This was definitely one of the best vacations we’ve ever had! We’ll be back for sure! Thank you so much for all of the great times and the memories. Pura vida.
-- Rory & Christina Rohrenbach, Meridian, ID

December 26, 2016 - January 2, 2016
We gathered our family together to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, Brian and Leticia’s 3rd anniversary, fun and adventures for son Craig and wife, Tina, and special moments for three grandchildren. View beautiful, weather spectacular, staff special - providing great food from Anabel, special attention from Luis our bartender to see every need met and a great sport playing cars with two year old! Our housekeeper kept our rooms cleaned with our own clothes washed daily. What a great time for all - ziplining, rafting, snorkeling, river exploration, and of course, the pool at the villa. Highly recommend this special place in truly a paradise!
-- Lee & Loretta McMaster, Ponte Vedra, FL / Ridgefield, CT
-- Brian & Leticia, Fairfield, CT
-- Craig & Tina, Purdys, NY

Costa Rica is a country you visit because you hear and see pictures of its natural beauty. Costa Rica is a country you return to because of its people. Anabel and Luis at Villa Mariposa were a huge part of our experience in Costa Rica, and we are grateful to be treated like family. We can’t wait to see you again! Muchas gracias and God Bless.
-- Craig, Tina, Natalie, Devin & Shane McMaster, Purdys, NY

December 2015
Christmas 2015 & 35th Wedding Anniversary
Everything was more than we expected!!! The food :-) , drinks :-) , pool :-) , tours :-) , all of it. The staff was always on task and was one step ahead of our needs. Will definitely be back!!
-- The Minnesota Smiths: Rick Jill, Kayla, Clayton, Erica & Tory, Rosemont, MN

July 18-25, 2015
We arrived to a warm welcome at the villa and a startling view off the back porch! The scene was better than we ever expected. With five in our party, ages 5, 25, 29, 41, and 56, we really present a broad demographic. Every single one of us fell in love with Mariposa. This cozy cottage on the side of the mountain is a perfect escape from work and stress.

Our excursions (a day of snorkeling / monkey watching / cave exploring / beach time and a day of zip-lining / horseback riding / mud baths / water slides) were so much fun for all of us. The food was delicious and plentiful; more than we ever could eat! The staff – Gerald, Annabel, and Mariela were wonderful.

Of all the great things about this trip, my favorite was the simplest – sitting by the pool with a good book enjoying the view. Oh, how I will miss the view! Just lovely! Thank you to all who made our stay so enjoyable!

From the Five Year Old: I loved swimming in the pool every day, digging in the sand on the beach, and going SUPER FAST on the water slide.
-- The Gaither Family, Edmond Oklahoma

April 4-11, 2015
We loved every minute! We went to Easter church on Sunday. We went snorkeling with Antonio & Michael on Monday (highly recommend this trip). On Tuesday we went horseback riding, zip-lining and mud baths with Alan and Kendall. Wednesday we did a river trip to see crocodiles, monkeys, and iguana. Thursday we had massages here (also recommended). And Friday we went shopping at Coco Beatch. We also ate everything Anabel cooked – which was all very good. We especially liked the guacamole and pica de gallo. Oscar is the best and Mariella kept the place so nice and neat. It was one of our most relaxing vacations. We were here with our two daughters (16 and 4) and they really enjoyed everything too! We hope everyone else enjoys their stay at Villa Mariposa as much as we did! Peace! Pura Vida!
-- The Surcek Family from Lexington, SC

Thanksgiving Week, 2015
Everyone from Alan to Kendell and our wonderful house staff was superb! Anabel’s food was yummy. Gerald anticipated our every need and Mariela kept the house spotless. We crammed in everything we could do – zip-lining, horseback riding, massages, water slide, mud baths, and Rosa came to the house for a private massage. The safari was special also. We love the people of Costa Rica!
-- The Frazier Four, San Fernando, CA

February 22 - March 1, 2015
We had a wonderful vacation. This villa (Mariposa) was perfect. The views are breathtaking. The staff was excellent. WE MEAN EXCELLENT, and so were the three meals each day. We never ate and drank so much in one week, especially me (Daisy) who eats like a bird. We went on Antonio’s boat tour and saw different beaches and snorkeled -- thanks to Jose & Michael who were so nice to me.

We went on a canopy tour, our first time to do zip-lining, what a great experience. We also went to El Coco beach and town, did some shopping and of course went for massages at Rosa’s Five Star Salon and Spa. Natalia gave me a foot massage which was really, really good and Dan had a full body massage for two days.

I enjoyed practicing/learning my Spanish from Oscar, our bartender, Anabel our cook and Mariella who cleans our room and washes our clothes. A huge thanks to everyone – Oscar, Anabel, Mariella, Alan, Francisco, Antonio, Jose and Michael for making our first (but not last) vacation in Costa Rica a very memorable and enjoyable one. Last but not least, muchas gracia to JOE (Chepc) our friend/neighbor/one of the owners for recommending this place and letting us stay here. Muchisimas Gracias.
-- Daisy & Dan from Aurora/Woodstock, IL

July 26, 2014
Another vacation that my husband and I have enjoyed more than words can say. This place is fantastic and we hope to return in the near future. The staff here is unbelievable at their jobs. Oscar is always at your beck and call for anything you may need. Anabelle is the most fabulous cook, everything she cooked was awesome. Pretty sure we have put on a few pounds.

We came here to relax and do much of nothing and we did just that. We read and laid in the pool almost every day and the staff gave us our space. We were both in need of rest and no stress and I have to say I am feeling the most relaxed and stress-free that I have in a long time.

Hate to get back to real life, but it is a must or we can’t go on much-needed vacations. Thanks to Mariela for keeping our clothes clean and the place spotless. So much more to say, but running out of room to write.

Till next time…. Pura Vida.
-- Beverly & Joey Redmond, West Monroe, LA

June 28, 2014
Another fabulous trip to Villa Mariposa! Oscar, Anabelle and Mariela have once again made our Costa Rican vacation one to remember. Coming to the villa again is like returning to our extended family. Anabelle outdid herself in the kitchen as always. Oscar’s attentiveness and happy personality made us all want to pack him in our suitcase and take him home with us. Mariela made certain the villa was fresh and clean each day. We look forward to returning to our home away from home in the near future. Pura Vida!
-- Bobby & Tammy Mitchell, Terry & Kathy Combass, Clewiston, FL

June 7, 2014
We had such a great week @ Villa Mariposa. What a treat it was to stay here! The beautiful view, comfortable rooms and fantastic staff made this trip memorable. We enjoyed getting to talk with Oscar and Julia each day and felt very well cared for. We loved our excursions and Allan’s staff as well. Our favorite was ziplining over 11 waterfalls in Miramar. We also loved the ATV beach tour and snorkeling and private beach on Antonio’s boat. We’re sad to leave, but Costa Rica will definitely be on our list for a return visit someday. Pura Vida!
-- Jana & Todd Vanden Branden, Tucson, AZ

May 31, 2014
Third trip to CR, second at Mariposa. Every trip has been fantastic! Our trips span ten years, and we had completely different staff each time, but the experience, service, and food has been very consistent! Anabel and Oscar are treasures! Ask about a private snorkeling and beach tour on Antonio’s boat. That and a day trip to Nicaragua (ask Allan) are our favorite excursions on all three trips.
P.S. Anabel makes the best French toast in the world.
-- Jonathan & Danielle Urschel, Memphis, TN

May 17-24, 2014
Our 1st trip to Costa Rica… FANTASTIC! What a lovely country! The food, views, and people all made the experience a memorable one. Thank you, Oscar, Anabel, Mariella and Allan for your wonderful hospitality!
-- Ruby & Lana

April 22-30, 2014
Our second trip to Villa Mariposa and brought newbies with us. Another fabulous trip!! Excellent food, awesome staff. Our note from our June 23-30, 2013 trip is exactly how we feel about this trip, except we missed Anabel!! Julia was fabulous, though. Can’t wait to visit again!!
-- The Bragg & Bell families, Todd, Kathy, Chris, and Janis, San Jose, CA

March 22-29, 2014
One of the best vacations I have ever taken. We enjoyed every moment at the villa with Oscar, Anabel and Mariella. The food, energy, and enthusiasm of Pura Vida at Villa Mariposa is invigorating. We are all taking home wonderful memories and clear minds. Thank you so much. Trying to take Pura Vida back to USA.
-- Andy, Chelle, Ben, Betsy & Lee Wilhelm, Arlington Heights, IL

March 1-8, 2014
From our first meeting with Oscar, Anabell, and Mariela they made us feel welcome and comfortable. Oscar called Pat (Maunus) "Momma", a term of endearment. Always friendly and cheerful, he brightened the day, as did Anabel's smile. Mariela went about her duties quietly and efficienctly. Can we take her (them) home?

The excursions were great, no need to name them except to say we saw the whales, mother and calf. Wow!
-- Walt & Pat Maunus, Johns Creek, Georgia

And of course I second this!
-- Momma Pat

February 22-March 1, 2014
We had an amazing 25th anniversary get-away at Villa Mariposa. From the incredible scenary and amenities to the fabulous staff and meals we enjoyed it all.

Oscar always had a smile and Annabel is magical in the kitchen. Mariela kept our clothes so clean. Rosey's five star spa was beyond amazing and helped us relax even more.

We loved Antonio's beach and snorkeling cruise and walking, hiking and running at the local beach.

We are sad to leave and will be back again. Thank you!

--Dennis & Laura Anderson, Apple Valley, MN

January 2014 -- The Maggie White Group
We had the most spectacular time. There really aren't even words to describe the amazing operation you run! Every single detail of our trip was perfect. Between Oscar's sweet laugh and Annabel's phenomenal cooking, we literally could not have asked for a better experience. Maribel was so quiet and so efficient.I still don't know how she managed to get all our rooms spotless and all our laundry done before we even finished breakfast. We were only there for 4 short days, but with the help of Allan, Francisco, and Antonio we managed to ride ATV's, visit a waterfall, zipline among the monkeys, bring home fresh fish for dinner, snorkel on several reefs, cruise up the river, experience what we would consider a monsoon, and take a couple of trips to the quaint little beach town. We also battled the resident raccoons, which was highly entertaining! Oscar thought so, too!

One other really awesome thing: one of the couples with us was celebrating their first wedding anniversary the day we arrived. The staff was SO helpful in planning something special for them at dinner! They snuck some of us away and took us to town to get a surprise cake and a couple bottles of champagne- Francisco even insisted on paying for the cake! Oscar served up the champagne at the start of dinner for a toast and then lit some candles and brought the cake out to surprise them for dessert! It was so above the call of duty for them to help us like that, and they didn't even think twice before offering! Speaks volumes about the wonderful people of Costa Rica!

I just wanted to thank you, from all of us, for everything. It was the experience of a lifetime! We have already recommended your villas to several people, and we will absolutely be back again! Thank you again! Pura Vida!


December 20-28, 2013
The Jamison Family has taken cruises to the Southern and Western Caribbean, vacationed in Aruba and Bermuda, cruised to the Havaiian Islands, and travelled extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada, but our trip to the Villa Mariposa in Costa Rica has been the BEST vacation!

With Mariela's housekeeping, Oscar's hospitality, and Anabell's cooking, our time here was completely stress free.

Our two sons really enjoyed the villa's pool and waterfall. During breakfast, we were visited by bluebirds and iguana. The birds really enjoy Oscar's buttered toast! And so did our youngest son!

We highly recommend the ziplining, tubing, and horseback riding tour. We were able to see many iguana and monkeys. The riverboat tour was great also -- the crocodiles, monkeys, and iguana were amazing to see. Our favorite tour was to Nicaragua; the trip to the volcano and the boat ride was well worth the trip.
-- The Jamison Family - Alice, Dan, Conner (age 9), Braxton (age 6), Conyers, Georgia (near Atlanta)

September 21-28, 2013
We selected Costa Rica as our first out-of-country experience more than 10 years ago. We bought books and talked to many friends about their CR experiences. One of my clients raved about the Costa Rica Villas, so we made the move and have had a marvelous week in a most beautiful country. Oscar, Anabel & Marybel made our stay the best ever. (Anabel should be voted Best Cook in CR) Oscar made sure we were taken care of in every way - the tours were wonderful & we are sad to leave... Hope to be back soon! Muchas Gracias.
--McCarty Family, Mt. Holly, NC

August 17-24, 2013
We can't say enough what a great vacation this has been. Oscar was fabulous and took care of us, Anabel's cooking was awesome and Mariella kept us nice and tidy. We loved Borinquan (zip lines are a blast), fishing and catching on Don Bosco and Playa Flamingo & Playa Hermosa beaches. And of course massage by Rosa's was wonderful. Just hanging out at the Villa with the fabulous views and service was so relaxing. Thank you for a wonderful vacation!
-- Jacquee & Mike Peebles, Denver, CO area

Villa Mariposa was wonderful. The view and the group who took care of us were the best. Ziplining and beaches were the most enjoyable. The weather was fine - rain at night and in the afternoon. Lounging in the pool and hot tub was also enjoyable. Sitting at the table, laughing with our friends, eating the great meals - so memorable. Pura vida. Muchas gracias.
--Kay & George Kauffeld, Vacaville, CA

July 28 - August 4, 2013
What can be said that hasn't been said already? If you are reading this [the handwritten version], then you are at Villa Mariposa and being treated like a celebrity. Not a B-list celebrity either, I'm talkin' about A-list all-star Brad-and-Angelina style treatment. Enjoy it! This will likely feel like the fastest week (or two) of your life. If I can make one suggestion that previous visitors don't mention - treat yourself to a massage. Rosa's salon left us in such a relaxed near-coma state; just what we needed before the long trip back to the states. Pura Vida!
-- The Sheppards (East Hampton, CT)

June 30 - July 7, 2013
It's with a heavy heart that we pack today to leave Oscar and his heartfelt enthusiasm behind us. He has bey far been the most memorable aspect of our tay and our children are begging us to take him with us! Calling him a "bartender" hardly describes all the love and attention he puts into everything he does. Thank you to Annabel for the delicious Costa Rican meals. And we appreciate Francisco's efforts to make our stay as comfortable as possible. One of the highlights of our week was the boat ride with Juan and Michael to several secluded beaches with crystal clear water, and sightseeing around the area. The kids loved seeing dolphins, octopus, startfish, and pufferfish up close! Thank you for this lovely start to oru vacation.
-- Peter, Elisa, Sam, & Lily Rapaport (Long Island, NY)

June 23-30, 2013
What a spectacular vacation we had at Villa Mariposa from the moment we arrived, we were given first class service.

Oscar and Anabell were outstanding. Anabell's delicious meals will be missed and Oscar's larger than life, always happy personality will be remembered forever. The staff was wonderful and very accomodating. The tours to the private island and snorkelling, Palos Verdes, and the ATV/Zipline trips were all fantastic.

We toured the other villas and were very impressed. Steve even came and met us. He holds great pride in the company and genuinely wants everyone to have a fantastic vacation.

Thank you to everyone at Villa Mariposa for a wonderful trip. We are already planning our next rip.
-- The Jaquet & Bragg families (San Jose, CA)

June 8-16, 2013
We can't say enough positive things about our stay in the lovely Costa Rica! What a fantastic staff!! Definitely leaving with beautiful memories and a few pounds heavier for all of us. ATV, rafting, zip-lines, jet skis, snorkeling -- all just great. But the best was Annabell's food - we even planned our excursions around her cooking schedule. Thanks so much!
-- The Ledesma Family, Mansfield, TX

March 30 - April 6, 2013
We were so excited to arrive at Villa Mariposa on Saturday. It was a beautiful day when we walked in and began being spoiled by Oscar, Claudia, and Anabelle. The house is just as beautiful as the pictures on the wesite but the whole vacation has far exceeded our expectations!! Costa Rica is such an interesting country to explore. The wildlife is so diverse. We especially loved watching the howler monkeys from the pool deck! Allen and everyone from Sunnyside Adventrues as well as Antonio took such care to show us a great time on our excursions. We especially enjoyed snorkeling and ziplining! Most of all we enjoyed the time to relax and be together as a family! This has been our best vacation ever!! Pura Vida.
--Love Brent, Elaine, Andrew, David, & Kate Mason (Bowling Green, KY)

March 23, 2013
The four of us came from Oklahoma to escape for a while. We did! The sights we saw were wonderful and refreshing. Swimming, boat tour, snorkeling, jet skis, the rainforest, ziplining, river rafting, the sanddiggers, the wildlife -- all spectacular. The coming back each night to Oscar and Annabel who greeted us with smiles and food and drink made each day even mroe relazing. The surprise fireworks were fun. John (our driver) who enriched each trip with history, sotries, and insights, made each trip all the better. Thanks for a wonderful time.
-- Red, Sharon, Mike, Gina
P.S. Make sure you ask Oscar for a Tica Linda.

March 9-16, 2013
Our visit to Villa Mariposa has been the best vacation ever! It was the perfect combination of relazation, fun and adventure. Anabel is an excellent cook! Oscar was always there to help us with watever we needed. Antonia kept the house very clean and all of our clothes will be clean for our return trip. Alan and his team of tour guides did an excellent job escorting us to various activities and teaching us about Costa Rica. Tomato is fantastic - ask for him! We will definitely come back to Costa Rica and stay here at Villa Mariposa!
--Jason & Candace Eddinger (Raleigh, NC)

February 2-9, 2013
Bethel, Connecticut

We are so thrilled to have found the perfect place to experience our first visit to beautiful Costa Rica! Anabellís food surpassed all expectations. Oscarís friendly disposition made us feel truly welcome, and Mariela kept us in fresh clothes throughout the week. Allanís recommendations for excursions were perfect for us. We especially enjoyed seeing the whales breaching right in front of our boat, and an unexpected fantastic fireworks display on our last night. Wonderful way to avoid Blizzard Nemo as it hits New EnglandÖ

Pura Vida and Gracias!
--Kevin & Nancy, John & Ellen

September 15-22, 2012

Muchas gracias -- Five of us from various U.S. cities came together at Villa Mariposa! It has been a wonderful visit from our hectic jobs and pace -- we learned to enjoy life (Pura Vida), see the sites, taste the wonderful foods of this country and just relax.

Oscar -- loved the drinks and his laughter! Annabel -- gracias for the wonderful food! Mariela -- you kept our rooms clean and clothes cleaner! Our trip guides -- Manny, Jose/Michael, and Allan showed us spectacular sites and zip lining was awesome. John was a great driver. We could go on and on -- what a wonderful time in CR and Villa Mariposa! Adios!

-- Pamela, Charlotte, NC
-- Tracey, Vienna, VA
-- Jenny, Orlando, FL
-- Christopher, Wichita, KS
-- Alison, Columbia, SC

September 3-10, 2012

Thank you! Thank you! Words cannot express how wonderful this trip has been for me, my husband and time with friends. We renewed our vows. 25 years! It was beautiful with the special help from Oscarl & Annabel. Our minds are clear, our tummies are full, our faces hurt from laughter & we would love to stay. Oh well, back to reality.
-- Randy & Barbara Honow, Milledgevilla, GA

Wow what a week! This was our second trip to the villas. Couldn’t think it could be any better, but OMG it was. :) I celebrated my 60th BD & Oscar’s hospitality, Annabel’s cooking, and Mariella’s sweet face made for the most wonderful vacation ever!! Our deep sea fishing trip was awesome. Captain Max and 1st mate Willy were the best. Caught 15+ mahi mahi. Annabel cooked fish soup, fried, mahi mahi salad, etc. Oh how wonderful. Just hate to leave, but can’t fit in my clothes. Thank you for the most awesome vacation.
-- Robine & John Jarvie, Sparta, GA

August 4-11, 2012

We're BACK! As awesome as the first trip. Different villa, same beautiful view! Mariposa is a perfect villa for the lazy days around the pool with close friends. Loved being taken such good attentive care. Anabelle is a fabulous cook. My scale is going to remind me. We enjoyed all the variety of drinks we were served by Oscar and his full services of our meals. Mariella was perfection for all our needs. Thank you all for a trip to cherish. Pura Vida! Our favorite saying (even when we are home).
-- Dennis & Diana Eberhard, New Braunfels, Texas

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!! What a great way to spend our 15th Wedding Anniversary! We absolutely love Oscar, Annivel, & Mariella! And thank you to Chema & Pedro for chauffering us everywhere. We had an awesome fishing trip on Antonio's boat with Jose & Michael as our guides. Caught lots of fish including a 7 ft., 150 lb. sail fish! We will definately be back. We love it here!
-- Carlton & Barbie Henk, New Braunfels, Texas

Thanks for a wonderful week and a great anniversary, it was very special.

August 4-11, 2012

Oh my! What an amazing week!!! So beautiful & complety relaxing, the environment at Villa Mariposa just places you in a paradise that makes you a different person, hopefully a better one. This is just such a pristine, pure and truly awesome example of God's Creation, that you can't help but sit back and stare at the amazing view for hours.

We enjoyed returning to Costa Rica Villas (Steve is such a great host!) and have enjoyed both villas (Azul & Mariposa). Muchas gracias for the great meals Anabel! And Oscar, you are the best catering to all our whims! Mariella is the sweetest, quietest maid -- love them all & would like to take them home!

Many more happy years to the Henks, as we celebrated their anniversary here this year and the Eberhards, our close friends we have travelled with and love dearly. Costa Rica is the perfect place to bring family and friends together.

Pura Vida!!
--Weldon & Karon Preiss, New Braunfels, Texas

August 4-11, 2012
Letter sent after returning to Texas...
Hi Steve and all! Well, it's Monday, and we feel like it's a TRIPLE Monday (we left there on Saturday)!!! We're back from Costa Rica, and wish we could still be there with yall!!!

Oscar, Annabel, Mariella-- we wanted to stay with you at Mariposa. You were so good to us! The villa is beautiful; the view is breath-taking; the food, amazing; the relaxing atmosphere, so needed. We all agreed that we could have stayed another week.

The snorkelling and fishing trips on Antonio's boat were GREAT! And, just hanging around the villa, we saw so many birds, butterflies, and other Costa Rican wildlife--it was fantastic!

This was our second trip to Costa Rica Villas, and it will definitely not be our last! Villa Mariposa was just the right size for our group this trip, especially for this time of year. The pool had the perfect amount of sun, and the hot tub was very secluded and yet had a gorgeous view of the bay. The decor of each bedroom was beautifully done...we were all very comfortable.

Thanks for the hospitality, Steve and staff, and keep up the outstanding measures for our pleasure in this paradise!
--Weldon & Karon Preiss

July 21-28, 2012
I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our stay at Villa Mariposa. All was perfect!! Oscar, Annabelle, and Mariela did a fantastic job in making our stay relaxing and enjoyable.

Once again, we were not disappointed, and are looking forward to a future visit to one of your beautiful villas.

We had an awesome time here at Villa Mariposa. We hate to leave. Anabell, Oscar and Mariela were very friendly and made our stay a once in a lifetime experience. The food was outstanding and the view was breathtaking. It was a vacation that we'll never forget. We difinitely plan to return. Pura Vida!

Thank you!!
-- Bobby and Tammy Mitchell
-- Terry and Kathy Combass
-- Clewiston, Florida

P.S. The "MAGIC" radio station is the best!

June 9-16, 2012
What an amazing vacation I planned for my 40th birthday! It was relazing, refreshing, rejuvenating & perfect in every way. Anabell's cooking was divine and I'm pretty sure we all leave here a few pounds heavier. Oscar was always quick with a smile and a drink. We will miss his giggle. It was also a rare treat to have someone else clean and do laundry - gracias a Mariela. From zip lining, snorkeling, & fishing to surfing and a river tour, all of our excursions were wonderfully organized, informative, and entertaining. Alen, Manuel, and Antonio were super.
Con mucho gusto y Pura Vida!
--Jeff & Jennifer Park, Tucson, Arizona

Our stay at Villa Mariposa was the perfect vacation in every way. Oscar & Anabell were amazing. So warm and kind. Anabell's cooking was to die for. I will dream of tacos, guesadillas and nochos until we meet again. Our beach tour and snorkeling with Jose and Michael on Antonio's boat was wonderful. We loved practicing our Spanish with all of the locals, who were ever patient and helpful. Our guide Manuel on the Palo Verde National Park tour spoke perfect English and was a wealth of informtion about Costa Rica. An amazing country for sure! We loved seeing the monkeys on our walks to the beach, the iguana who visited as we lounged by the pool and all the beautiful birds. The service and accomodations and the villa were perfect. I can no longer imagine vacationing anywhere else. Until next time, Pura Vida!
-- Laine & Adam Sklar, Tucson, Arizona

May 12-19, 2012
What a wonderful time with friends from Midland, Texas!

The staff could not have served us better! Anibel's cooking contributed to ensuring that I diet when I get home! Every meal was outstanding!

Oscar and Mariella provided top quality services, as well!

The week went by too quickly.
-- Mike & Debbie Tufts
-- Steve & Dee Becker
-- Midland, Texas

April 28-May 5, 2012
Pura Vida Costa Rica! Muchas Gracias! We came to Villa Mariposa to celebrate "the twins" 60th birthday -- can't think of a better way to celebrate the occasion. We were promptly greeted by Oscar & Annibel who set the stage for a fabulous week. Oscar's Pina Coladas are the best in the world, and Annibel's cooking rivals Rachael Ray :) We also appreciated Mariella's good housekeeping and having clean clothes every day.

Alan and his crew, Manny, Jorge, Jose, Michael, and Carlos, provided us with many hours of excitement while we explored Costa Rica. We really enjoyed snorkeling and seeing the howler monkeys, going to see Arenal Volcano, and seeing the rain forest and country side while Manny educated us about Costa Rica's diverse wildlife and plant species. He also tried to teach us some Spanish along the way -- Muchas Gracias, Manny! We so enjoyed the river tour and seeing the white monkeys (amazing), crocodiles, and the enormous iguanas. Our husbands also enjoyed a day of fishing while we enjoyed our massages poolside.

Thanks for the entertainment, laughs, and your gracious hospitality.
-- Candice Bolton & Randy Smit, Peachtree Corners, GA
-- Karen & Jim McDenagh, Plymouth, MA

March 17-24, 2012
Dear Villa Mariposa,
WOW!! It is our last morning here in paradise and we are once again drinking our coffee and watching the view. Seven days later and the view is still as breathtaking today as it was when we first stepped onto the veranda upon our arrival. We have not experienced a single bad moment on this trip. From simple days of relaxation to the more adrenaline filled moments of zip-lining and rafting it has been one moement of pure peace + no stree to the next. ALL of the credit for this fabulous vacation goes to Oscar, Anabel, & Mariela!!! Oscar -- you made us truly fee "Pura Vida" , Anable -- your sweet smile and big heart can be tasted in every single tasy dish you proepar! Mariela -- you do your job so quietly and so well!! Thank you to each of you. You made my (our) vacation the BEST! A big shout of thanks to Allen, Antonio, Jose & Manny too!! (Papa & Mama Love, We love you!!! Wish you were here with us! Thank you so much!)
-- Love, Bobby & Kathy Rogers, Atlanta Georgia

WOW!!! What a wonderful week and boy did it fly by. Food was amazing. Anabel's cooking is outstanding. Oscar and the wonderful mojitos, strawberry/mango daquaris and pina coladas. What a luxury to have the house cleaned and clothes done daily by Mariella. Our first trip to Costa Rica and we tried to do it all. Snorkeling, scuba diving, sunset cruise, zip line, white water rafting, and the National Park. The white-faced monkeys jumping in our boat was fun. We will definitely be back -- sooner rather than later.
--The Wights, Houston, Texas

March 17-24, 2012
We appreciate your villa being open and available for our vacation this year. All of our party(Kathy and Bobby, George and Gail) had an enjoyable stay. The staff were good and attended to all of our needs and whatevers. The food was excellent the drinks good and the villa stayed neat and our clothes kept turning up clean (wow). Francisco, Antonio and Allan all provided excellent service and saw to it that we not only had a good time on excursions but that we were in good hands and safe in a different country. Jose and his crew were very good to us on the fishing trip and the other 2 excursions that we went on in the boat. Thanks,
-- George Whitehead, Savannah, GA

What a fabulous vacation! The villa and staff were way beyond what we expected. The view is breathtaking -- can't wait to see it when it is green. Oscar, Annabel and Mariela are so professional and accomodating. We will have to diet for a month. We enjoyed Oscar's friendly way of making you feel like you are at home! Annabel's food choices and preparation were perfect! Mariela quietly cleaned and washed our laundry. It is wonderful not to have to dread washing all our dirty clothes when we return to reality! A huge thanks to everyone -- including Francisco, Allen, Antonio, Jose, and Juan Claude -- for making our first (but not last!) vacation in Costa Rica!
-- Gail (& George) Whitehead, Savannah, GA

February 25 - March 3, 2012
Villa Mariposa is truly paradise. A million thanks to Annabel, Oscar & Mariela for making our vacation perfect -- we'll be back soon!
-- Brad & Deb Want, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Villa Mariposa was a great place to stay with the best staff I have ever dealt with. Many thanks to Oscar, Anabel and Mariela. I now weigh a lot more than when I came here, the food is so good!!! P.S. We will be back!
-- Sandra & Ed Wiseman, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

A letter from Sandra Wiseman:
Just wanted to say that we had a great vacation at your Villa. The food was out of this world, we did not even have time to get hungry. The service was spectacular. Your staff at the Mariposa are so friendly and boy they do their jobs well.

What we liked the most was the private feeling, the beautiful rooms, the service and the food that we got and the ability to travel to town and feel so safe.

Everything for us was well looked after, from the time we were picked up at the airport until the time we left. I am recommending this place to everyone I know. We are trying to get a group together to come and stay at the villa up the hill from Mariposa in 2 years time. My husband wants to renew our vows for our 25th.

It was a pleasure working out all the details with you, thank you. It was also nice to see that you took the time to come and visit us while we were there.

Once again thank you and have a great day.
-- Sandra Wiseman, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

February 11, 2012
Perfect weather, great food, excellent services. Enjoyed the tours, especially the river trip with its crocs, monkeys, etc. We were joined by 7 other couples @ Paraiso Villa. We are all from Dawsonvilla, GA / Lake Lanier!

We leave behind a house pet that joined us several mornings for breakfast. It was a wati and we named his Earl!! FYT... he loves fruit & French toast!! Remember to introduce yourself to him & feed him well!!
-- The Uhlirs, the Banks & the Pembers

January 21-28, 2012
Lisa and I had a fabulous time. Annabelle and Oscar were outstanding. Great cooking, great drinks and great accommodations. Thanks to Allan for setting up our golf and fishing. Since this was our first trip to Costa Rica, we learned a lot about this beautiful country. Thanks to all at Villa Mariposa that made our week so special. We will be back!
-- Nicolas & Lisa Meuller, Cumming, GA

January 11, 2012
Leaving tomorrow after a relaxing week. Thank you Oscar and Annabelle for great food, drinks, and service. Maribel, all the clean clothes everyday was a treat. We will pack half as much next time. Accommodations, weather, and service all 5 star.
-- Layton and Barbara, Oklahoma City

Oscar, Anabel, Mariella, thank you for a wonderful week. Los Ticos de vera que son muy buena gente. Un millión de grácias.
-- Agnes & John, Santa Fe, NM

December 24-31, 2011
We couldn’t have asked for a better place to celebrate Christmas! The villa is in a great location with beautiful view, lovely morning sun, and spectacular star gazing at night. Mustachio was always ready with a drink and a smile! Anabelle prepared delicious dishes each night that looked as good as they tasted. We all truly appreciated how clean everything was kept and our fresh laundry -- what extra special service and thanks to Mariella for her hard work. Our Costa Rica Christmas as Villa Mariposa was perfect!
-- Doug & Pirkko, Justin & Lisa, Tom & Katie, Lucan, Ontario, Canada

November 19-26, 2011
Had a total blast this week! It is the perfect place to celebrate our anniversary/birthday and Thanksgiving! The weather was perfect, villa was awesome and staff -- fantastic! Started vacation with the best massage ever! Then fishing with Antonio’s crew! Caught a rooster fish! Amazing! Loved the zipline and rafting trip with Allan! Food is out of this world! Very yummy!! Will definitely come back and recommend to our friends! Great vacation!!
-- The Clarks, Houston, TX

August 8, 2011
This vacation was ideal. What a wonderful way to spend my 50th birthday. My husband had a fabulous idea. Being catered to and pampered for 4 days -- what could be bad. Thank you to Oscar, Mariela and Anabell for all you have done. Anabell, you are an excellent cook. I hope to go home with some recipes. Mariella, thank you for the clean clothes and Oscar, thank you for catering to all our wishes. We hope to be back soon with friends.
-- Ellen & Steve Alperin, Brooklyn, NY

I leave here happier and fatter than when I arrived. The meals were excellent as was the services. It’s nice to live like the rich people do for a few days. We’ll be back with friends to share the villa with us. To all that come after us, ask for the sangria and salsa, excellent.
-- Steve

July 16, 2011
What a beautiful place to vacation. This was our first visit here and we will definitely be back very soon! We came on an adult trip with friends – Susan & Michael and Jennifer & Blake and had a blast. We ziplined, went white water rafting, snorkeled, when boating, saw monkeys, and other amazing wildlife and went ATV riding through this beautiful countryside. Some of the boys went fishing -- we did it all!! The staff were all wonderful people -- Gerald, Deyanira, and Mariella -- and the food was soooooo yuumy. We thank all of you for a wonderful vacation. See you again soon.
-- Coleen & Sean Matthews, Norcross, GA

May 15, 2011
What an experience!! My first impression of the villa was spotless and very much cared for. My second biggest awareness was the warmth of Annabell, Oscar, Mariebel. What kind, thoughtful people. We have done other vacations cruising, etc. This by far really allows you to relax, be pampered, and enjoy! I am so sad to leave these 3 people. I want to have them at my house!!! You don’t find this true concern and hospitality very many places!
-- Bob & Suzanne Guillory, Cave Creek, AZ

April 23, 2011
What a wonderful week we have spent here are Villa Mariposa. Our first visit to Costa Rica couldn’t have been better! Allan, Francisco and Warner made sure all our adventures were superb! Antonio’s crew, Jose and Jon Carlo, are rock star fisherman -- helping Chris catch his first sailfish, 4 mahi mahi, along with two other large fish! Jon Carlo took us snorkeling -- a first for our girls -- what an adventure! The zipline was great, too -- until Papa couldn’t breathe and we too a side trip to the Liberian Hospital (nothing to do with the zipline, by the way). Thank you Warner for going above and beyond while staying by our side the entire day! Of course, Anabel, Oscar and Mariella made our stay just perfect -- incredible food, attentive service and clean everything. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. We truly enjoyed each and every one of you and can’t thank you enough -- we hope to come back again soon!
-- Love, the Hartmans, Schenectady, NY

March 12 - 18, 2011 - Visitors from Jersey Village, Texas
Wonderful to be back at Villa Mariposa. We couldn't wait to return. We love everyone heare. The people, food, scenary are great. We don't want to leave but will return. Oscar, Annabel & Mariella were so friendly and made our vacation a terrific one. See you again!
-- Gerri & Hal Becher

February 12-19, 2011
This has been the most amazing vacation we've ever had!! Everything was absolutely perfect!" Annabel's cooking was incredible! Gerald's bartending was the best! And the housekeepers with all their hard work to keep the villa so clean was so appreciated! We already can't wait to come back!! Thank you for everything!
-- Jason & Ann Leonard, Round Lake Hts, Illinois

Amazing isn't the word to describe Villa Mariposa! Best food ever! Annabel's cooking out does any gourmet restaurant!! Gerald's bartending was the best and he always has a smile on face. House was spotless everyday. Thanks for a wonderful week we will never forget!
-- Will & Tracy Haas, Sycamore, Illinois

February 5-12, 2011
We had a wonderful time celebrating our 25th anniversary with friends. Oscar, Annabel & Mariella made our stay awesome!!The food was spectacular. We took the Palo Verde National Park tour and we highly recommend that. We won't forget the monkeys and crocs. Enjoy! This was the way to go!
-- Frank & Chris Esterle, Algonquin, Illinois

February 1, 2011
We have had the best time this week at the Villa. We have tasted the best foods and experienced many new things. Caught three mahi mahi with Antonio [on his] boat, which Annibel prepared that night that was perfecto. Would never imagine a 10 year anniversary any better. Thanks Oscar, Annibel, Marianna, and Antonio fo reverything. Cannot forget Tomato, he was wonderful -- could not have done it without him, or experienced our 1st Costa Rican Bull Fight at the festival.
--Thanks, Jeffrey & Heather, Valley Grande, Alabama

January 8-15, 2011
This week at Villa Mariposa has been one of the finest vacations for our family. All accomodations were five star and the staff did everything within their power to make our stay enjoyable. Anovel's cooking was superb, Oscar was attentive to our every need and of course his drinks were fantastic. Antonia kept the house spotless and us in clean clothes all week, Francisco and Allan both did great jobs in bringing all our side trips together and we also thank Francisco for checking on us throughout the week. A great time was had by all in this lovely home and beautiful country. We shall return!
-- The Fisher Family, Hervey, Beth, Logan, & Taylor, Wake Forest, North Carolina

January 1, 2011
Hola! What a great week we have had her in Costa Rica. Annabell's food is amazing! Oscar thank you for remembering all of our needs. And as the usual laundry/cleaner of our house - [it was] a true vacation to have Mariella on staff to have clean clothes and towels! Thank you for picking up after our boys! We enjoyed our day trips with Allan - ATVing & ziplining, but the true highlights were with Antonio's boat with Captain & John Carlo! 3 fish! Beautiful beach tours! Wonderful! :-) We will continue to pass onyour beautiful spot to friends as we were the "benefit" of a referral as well. Happy New Year!
-- With much love - The Murphy's, Mark, Ellen, Maddie, Marshall, Alistair & friend Dani, New Jersey/Minnesota

December 25, 2010 - Costa Rica es muy bonita
This was the first time to celebrate Christmas away for home. The atmosphere of Villa Mariposa is warm, wonderful and inviting. This made Christmas Day very special & memorable for many years to come. Oscar is the best "bartender" -- person who works so hard to please us. Anabelle is a MASTERFUL cook -- gentle, warm person who puts her love into her meal preparations. Marile did a fabulous job keeping all spic & span -- to do our laundry is a treasure. We love all of you. Thank you! God belss you and your families also. P.S. Antonio & Francisco are wonderful in all their efforts for our stay & our fishing.
-- Jennifer & George San Felippe & Family, Austin, Texas

December 25, 2010
Oscar, Tomato, Anibel, & Antonio are wonderful! I have never eaten such great food as I have here. The staff are eager to please and arrange all our activities beautifully. Love it here!
-- Justine San Filippe

Agreed with above -- the staff is incredible and the villa is a true paradise. The property and view would not be such a luxury without the amzing hospitality provided. Anibels food is to die for and Oscars dinks amazing! Can't wait to eventually come back!
-- Christa San Filiippe

December 10, 2010
What a wonderful idea I had to come here! I sure give my husband great birthday presents, don't I? I hear the weather is freezing back in Atlanta. Think I'll just stay here and enjoy these 80 degrees + breezes. The food by Anabel is the best ever! Oscar did every little thing he could for us and never forgot a thing. And how nice to have clean clothes to take back home. Thanks, Maribel! I think for sure we'll be back!
-- Dan & Dona Robertson, Griffin, GA U.S.S (with friends Barbara, Mandy & Reggan, Boise, Idaho)

Best vacation ever! Especially great with family and friends. Oscar, Annabel & Maribel were marvelous, food delicioso, everything "prima"; even the racoons and iguanas. Hasta Luego from Boise Idaho
-- Barbara, Mandy and Reggan. Thanks Dona for the great idea.

July 19-14, 2010
What a wonderful time. The people are so friendly, the food delicious and the scenary just breathtaking. I don't want to leave. We will be back.
-- Gerri & Hal Becker, Jersey Village, Texas

Villa Mariposa is gorgeous! Oscar, Annabelle & Mariela took good care of us - the food was delicious, the drinks were to die for, and the rooms always clean! Thank you for a wonderful get away with our parents and brother and sister-in-law!
-- Michael & Valeri Lundry, Jersey Village, Texax

We had the most awesome time here! The beaches are beautiful, the animals are friendly and not afraid, and the zipline was a blast! We were given the star treatment and the food was fantastic! I can't wait to return!
-- Doug & Nicole Becker, Jersey Village, Texas

June 19-26, 2010
35th Wedding Anniversary - celebrating with our daughter Ashley and son-in-law Rufus

We arrived on Saturday, June 19,2010 - to have a full week of relaxing and enjoying our family time together. Sunday - We relaxed by the pool and enjoyed all the fantastic cooking by Anabella. Went to bed around 9pm and jut couldn't believe the view of the bay from our villa. So beautiful and we were just happy to be here. What a wonderful time to share with Ashly & Rufus.

Monday - We took the Super Mega Combo at Buena Vista Canopy Tour, lunch, manmade water slide 1200 feet long, horseback riding and mud bath. It was the "Best!"

Tuesday - Massages at 9:30am. We all had the massages, they were wonderful. We relaxed by the pool - hot tub and enjoyed all the wonderful food that was prepared for us. 2:00 pm went to Ocotal Beach, walked around and enjoyed the Father Rooster Bar-Grill. Rufus & PP played pool - enjoyed the afternoon. The dinner at the Villa was outstanding.

Wednesday June 23, 2010 - Full day of fishing - pick-up at 7am - We went to Ocotal Beach to get on boat. We plan to fish for Rooster fish, mahi-mahi and whatever we could catch. Rufus caught the mahi-mahi - Ashley the needle fish. It was so relaxing being on the boat. We did have some rain, but thankful that it passed. A great day. Back to the Villa around 4pm. We had a relaxing time in the pool - hot tub - then dinner.

June 19-26, 2010 (continued)
35th Wedding Anniversary - celebrating with our daughter Ashley and son-in-law Rufus

Thursday June 24, 2010 - We had planned a relaxing day by the pool - and then shopping at CoCo Beach. So much fun. Anabel outdid herself for dinner - Fantastic - Steak, salad, soup - Cake for dessert. I just want to take her back to Lexington, SC so she can cook for us.

Friday - Breakfast - then Canon La Vieya Combo Tour - We had a blast on our last day. We didn't want it to end. So fantastic the zipline over the Colorado River - then rafting down the river. Lunch - I was so worn out...

We have had a wonderful 35th anniversary celebrating with our daughter Ashely & son-in-law Rufus. I will remember for a long time. We are so blessed. The staff was great. We have loved our stay here, do not want to leave.

God Bless you all -- Pat (PP) & JoAnn (JoJo) Patton, Lexington, South Carolina. P.S. The lobster was wonderful. Dinner to enter into our last night. We will miss the staff - the fantastic service.

July 10-15, 2010
"Amazing says it all... This vacation truly exceeded all our expectations." The entire staff treated us as family! Oscar's mango margaritas were awesome! Anabella's food was so wonderful... wish she could come home with us! Mariella kept us clean and ready to go each day. Thanks to Allan & Tomato for great tours and Antonio and his group for super boat adventrues. Costa Rica is so beautiful... the people were so friendly. We can't wait to visit again! From Texas to you - lots of thanks and love!
-- Scott & Denita Young, Emory, Texas (Wow! Our daily visitors were butterflies, birds, monkeys, a raccoon and even a crab! Don't forget the lizards!

Sitting here our last evening all I can say is I'm not ready to go home. Wish I could just fly all the kiddos here for another week. We have had a wonderful week of unwinding and fun adventrues. Thanks to Tomato for his wonderful hospitality taking us on a beautiful horseback ride, canopy tour and the mud baths. We had a great time. The accomodations and staff at the Villa Mariposa were amazing. They take care of your every need and the food was wonderful.
-- Brennan & Michele Potts

May 3-10, 2010
Taft & Whitney Sanders Honeymoon (from Atlanta, Georgia)
We wanted to come somewhere new, somewher we have never been - Costa Rica! Taft and I both have heard such wonderful things about the beaches, activities, wildlife and more. A friend of mine lived in Tamarindo for 3 years, no I know why se never wanted to leave! We have had the best time here at the Villa Mariposa with Oscar and Annabel. We definitely have put a few pounds on with Anna's cooking (wonderful food!) and Oscar's cocktails - pina coladas and mango margaritas are the best.

We had plenty of time to relax and catch up on some much needed sleep. We fished one morning, catching 4 needle fish and seeing the different beaches and of course some monkeys! We spent the day with Tamarindo. Taft learned to surf and I took to the boogey board - met some nice locals and had a blast - thanks Warner for the ride! We also hit Lolas to end the day with a cocktail and to meet "Lolita", Lola's daughter (yes, a pig!). We traveled to a town just outside of Liberia with our good amigo Tomato! What an awesome tour guide, we learned so much!

We ziplined through the trees, saw monkeys and some tucans, went down the 1200 ft waterslide, horseback riding then mudbaths and the spa - ending with a wonderful Costa Rican lunch. Tomato was great company and we enjoyed his history lessons! Taft and I will definitely be back for the good food and good company.

This place is beautiful and we could not have asked for better weather - muy caliente! Gracias to Oscar, Annabell, Mariela, Francisco, Antonio y Alan for everything - you made our honeymoon a blast!
-- Muchas Gracias - Taft & Whitney

April 12-19, 2010
It is hard to believe that I am writing this on our final morning in Mariposa! Watching the birds & iguana - listening to the monkeys - drinking fabulous coffee! These will be wonderful memories - Vidal, Annibell & Mariella pampered us - food, drinks & clean rooms! My clothes are a little snugger as I leave! But the indulgences were greatly enjoyed! And - we shall return!
-- Judi & Mke Mahaffey and Tom & Claire O'Brien, Flowery Branch, Georgia

April 26 - May 3, 2010
On our honeymoon!! It is hard to believe this week is over already! The weather has been very nice; sunny and warm in the am with afternoon shower to cool things down. We had massages and peds on the padio; Evy and Tonya were great. Took the 7 beach tour boat ride, Edwyn and Jean Carlo were wonderful. If you take an Allan Tour make sure you do it with Tomato as your guide. We went to Guaitil fo rthe pottery tour and had the best time all week. Tomato speaks great English!! The food was great all week. Anavel is a great cook and you will never go hungry. Oscar will keep you well hydrated and take care of anything you need, and Mariela keeps the house spotless. We are both very sorry to return to the real world, but will return for our 2nd anniversary. Love and God Bless.
-- Ian & Nicole Ling, Courtland, New York
P.S. Jackson loves Mango & Watermelon, He will eat with you daily.

March 27 -April 3, 2010
Our dream to come to Costa Rica has finally come true and this amazing experience was so much more than we could have ever expected. Villa Mariposa is truly a special place with and outstanding staff that took care of our every need! Annabelle, Gerard & Mariella are like family and showed us "Pura Vida" as only found in Costa Rica! We have never eaten so much wonderful food... every meal was so delicious (I loved the Mahi Mahi, pineapple salsa and guacamole best!) We could not help but eat more and more.

The highlight of my day was watching the amazing sunrise at 5:15 am... an experience I will always treasure. The waves crashing on the beach, birds singing, mixed with the eerie calls of the howler monkeys as the sky turned from pink to orange to blue as Costa Rica awakened was a beautiful sight. Every day was a new adventrue starting with our entire family getting massages from Rosa and her expert staff. Next was ziplining, horseback riding, a mud bath and waterslide trip which were among my son's favorites. Exploring the beaches and snorkling with John Carlo and Arime on Antonio's boat was also a family highlight. My daughter's favorite as the boat tour at Palo Verde and seeing the white-faced monkeys up close and shopping at CoCo Beach.

We will never forget the wonderful memories and amigos we made here at Villa Mriposa and VIlla Azul. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to visit Costa Rica and can't wait to come back soon!
-- The Luce Family (Cindy, John, Baylie (12 years) & Matt (10 years), Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

March 2010
Here we sit on our last night here on our racking chairs reminiscin about the past week with bellies full of lobster and Oscar's delicious mango margaritas, pina coladas and banana daiquiris... Where to begin, we have enjoyed many many delicious meals prepared by Annabel, who was like a mother to us during our stay. Seafood dishes, such as Red Snapper, Mahi Mahi & Lobster, along with all the wonderful lunches and snacks. We dread the scale at home, but we knew the consequences and it didn't keep us from enjoying the meals!

We enjoyed numerous activities including snorkeling at Monkey Beach and gathering shells at Shell Beach with John Carlo & Evin. Viewing Monkey Head Istalnd and exploring the caves and watching the beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean. These days will never be forgotten! The canopy tour & ziplines are an adventrue we will never forget! Fishing was our last excursion and we went for a 1/2 day. I (Laura) caught a huge 70 pound Rooster Fish! Great fight! I thought my arms were going to come off, but I did it and was happy I did - Hopefully you will see me in the next flier.

This country is a beautiful one to say the least and the people are beautiful as well - inside & out! The staff is amazing and top notch - we love them dearly and miss them already. They treated us like family and I feel like we are leaving our family behind. We hope to be back someday and highly recommend these villas to anyone! Feel free to email to tell us about your experience. PURA VIDA!! That is the truth!!!
-- Muchos Gracias per toda. Adios amigas! Mucho amor, Laura & Brian Werner, Brockport, NY

February 14-25, 2010
Don't know what to say - it's been a beautiful relaxing, amazing vacation. This is our second time here and it's just as good as the 1st time. Our friends who take care of our every need - Vidal, Jame, Oscar, Annabell & Mariella - will be missed. I sit here sipping one of Oscar's pina coladas dreading going home tomorrow to snow! Well - as the saying goes - all good things... but we'll be back for sure!To everone at the villas - Thank you so very much for your kindness, your smiles, your hard work. Stay well!
-- Love, Bruce & Margaret Celotto, Haworth, New Jersey

To all our friends at Villa Mariposa, a simple Thank You is not enough to say how amazing our stay here was with all of you. We saw beautiful sights. Your beaches are beautiful and your people are better. Yami & Vidal are very special to us. Their smiles and sweetness made us feel very at home. The food was out of this world. The scenary spectacular. But our staff was the best. Our sincere Thanks for a job well done. Pura Vida!!! See you next year!
-- Buddy, Donna Gaelasco, Haworth, NJ

January 5-12, 2010
What an awesom family vacation! I visited with my two adult sons and wished I could stay and call Costa Rica home. The staff was accomodating and then some! Never an empty glass or stomach! Fabulous food, yummie tropical drinks (a little slice of heaven)! There is so much to do here too. When your not relaxing by the pool, the tours that Allan offers have something for everyone's taste. My favorite was the white water rafting, but the ziplines follow at a close second. Our tour guides Jose & Tomato were excellent in teaching us some of the culture and pointing out the wildlife. Howler monkeys on the veranda, spider monkeys at the zipline & white-face monkeys on the boat were wonderful surprises. We hope to return and bring more friends!
-- Pura Vida, Sue W., Devin H, Manteca, CA

December 27, 2009 - January 3, 2010
A few worries lighter, a few pounds heaveier! The perfect vacation at Villa M!!!
-- Many thanks from the Quinn's, Bedford, NY

November 14-28, 2009
Another great stay at Mariposa with our friends Anabelle (great cook), Marielle (who keeps everything clean) & our new friend Oscar (tea maker & drinks & jokes). As always had a great time and meals, tours. Can't wait for our next visit.
-- Pura Vida!! Kelly Lachenmyer, Rick Ranslow, Herb & Colleen Schmidt, Burney & Hat Creek, California

November 7-14, 2009
Monkeys and racoons, oh my! What a wonderful experience it has been here in beautiful Costa Rica! Gorgeous morning views, the most delicious food ever and attentive service from Antonio, Annabelle & Mariela has made this a trip of a lifetime. Onour 2nd day here a visit from at least 15 Howler Monkeys, right outside our front door, made our relaxing vacation even more memorable. God willing we will be back next year.
-- Adios! The Polsons (Vicki & Al), Williamsburg, Virginia

What a relaxing week! Thanks to Annabell, Antonio, and Mariela - They made the relaxing part easy. Looking out on the Pacific Ocean also adds to that! "The meals were beautifully served, yet better to eat - The Red Snapper & Annabell's Tacos are SUPER!" The Zip-lining was fun & Tomato made the drive to and from informative. Thanks to many wonderful, friendly people our stay was very good!
-- Until the next time, Ken & Judy Selzer, Clarkesville, Georgia

August 8, 2008 - The Gispert Wedding!

We had a large time here for our fabulous wedding. 50 people, 5 villas, a thousand beers, plus more fun, food & frivolity than life can allow! Awesome, just awesome . . .

We will be back. Re-entry to Atlanta, GA will be tough, especially without Olman, Anabella, & Mariela taking care of us! We are off to Jenny Craig & Betty Ford!

Mucho Love,
Susan West

The best week ever! Thank you so much.
-- Ginger & Alison Sinton

July 19, 2008
June 7th, 2008 we were married in Georgia. July 12th - 19th, 2008 we honeymooned in heaven! (aka Villa Mariposa!) I am sad to be writing this on our last night here... sad that we are leaving tomorrow. I know we will miss this beautiful place! Some of our favorite memories we'll take with us:

(1) The food (y Annabella) is always wonderful!
(2) Olman knows all of the best places to shop in Coco Beach
(3) Mariela works wonders, keeping our home and clothes clean!
(4) Fishing with Anotonio's boat and catching mahi-mahi, wahoo, tuna, yellow tail, and others - about 15 fish total!
(5) Making friends with the group at Villa Lora and playing together. Jeff & Mandy rock!
(6) Long van rides made interesting by Tomato & Louis, the "metrosexual drive"


(7) Learning the monkey mating call but always seeing the turtles doubled up! . . . Must be that time of year
(8) Riding with Zorro on the beautiful Playa Conchal
(9) The extreme tour of the canopy on zip lines, the "fast o super-fast?" Water slide, mud bath, hot springs & horses
(10) Super-steep hills and streets
(11) The school
(12) Learning Spanish all over again - I love it!
(13) Our own little piece of heaven, massages on site!
(14) Great friends (15) Great food (16) Great view!

We will be back! Please take good care of Gordo for us! (Feed him the butter cookies) This was the best possible honeymoon and is my new favorite place on earth! Olman, Anabell, & Mariela - Gracias por todo! Nosotros vamos a extranar ustedes! Ustedes quierimos!
-- Siempre, Weyman & Alecia Casper, Bogart (Athens), Georgia

June 27, 2008
As promised, we made the journey back to Villa Mariposa, this time accompanied by our son and in-laws, Doug & Sharon. As we spend our last evening together enjoying great conversation, great company and the to-die-for view, I feel bitter sweet. It was awesome spending the week with Olman, Anabell, and Claudia. The food was incredible, Olman was always attentive and considerate. Claudia kept our rooms and clothes clean. My husband will not let olman forget seeing his wife and his mother buck naked" as we got our massages on the back patio. We had great fun, great laughs, and great company. This week will be forever in our hearts and minds. Thanks to Olman, Anabell and Claudia, your are wonderful. Pura Vida!!
-- Doug & Sharon Thompson, Billings, MT & Bonito Springs, FL
-- Eric, Rhonda, & Christoper Thompson, Pearland, TX
PS - Be nice to Gordo, he really does love everyone who stays at the villas - He loves the butter cookies and fresh water!

Our tour with Jose was great, in large part, because of Jose's attention to us. We will return to Costa Rica & Villa Mariposa!
-- Tom & Flo Toner, Caver Creek, AZ
-- Woody Taggart, Orlando, FL

June 21, 2008
We had the most wonderful vacation at Villa Mariposa! Olman, Annabell, Mariella, Vidal & Anna were all such kind & attentive people to be sure we always had what we needed. We really enjoyed Olman's sense of humor & Annabel's wonderful food! Mariella always kept our room freash & clean. During our stay we celebrated our 30th anniversary. They made sure to make it extra special with flowers scattered on the table, heart shaped cake, lobster dinner, and 2 swans (towels) on our bed with flowers! This is such a beautiful place & we can't wait to return!
-- Cathy & Gary Dempsey, OKC, OKlahoma
PS - My husband enjoyed talking to the tree frogs at night by the pool!

June 14, 2008
We had a wonderful week in paradise. Olman, Annabelle & Mariela treated us like family.
To much food!! The view was awesome. Tomato took us on a wonderful animal tour down to the river . . . the white faced monkeys were adorable!
Gordo was a great monkey spotter on our walks to the beach. Wish we could stay another week!
-- Alan, Sheri & Tanner Gordon, Valdosta, GA

May 17, 2008
Mucho Gracias! Our honeymoon has been absolutely wonderful. It's going to be hard to leave and return to cold MA but we'll be leaving with warm memories.

Everyone has been so kind and helpful. If you get the chance to take the ATV tour in Playa Brusilito - the sand is white and soft and the water is clear blue. Also, if you want to see the sunset, ask Olman where to go.
Thank you so much! We'll miss you!
-- Love Sarah & John (MA)

April 25, 2008
Currently I spend my last unhurried morning at Mariposa enjoying the incredible view and coffee. It is my intention to tatto these images in my mind and keep them with me always.

The friends (staff) here have left imprints like tattoos on my heart and will be remembered and spoken of for years to come at our dinner table at home.

Olman has personality, respect and happiness that can be contagious. He is here to serve and performs his job with a smile. Annabell is a fabulous hugger and even better chef. It's like Thanksgiving day full here everday! We had such fun talking with and getting to know them... you won't be disappointed if you do.

While here, we spent most days relaxing by the pool and reading, but did manage to pull ourselves away for the Rincon De la Viejo Canopy Tour & River Rafting combo. It was not scary AT ALL so don't let any fear hold you back... promise! Going into town (Coco) is like being in another time zone. Spend some time people watching, you'll be fascinated with the simple pleasures they enjoy. Returning home depresses me, but all good things must come to an end, right?
Can't wait to return ... soon!!!
-- Kelli & Kevin Clem, Kansis City (Pasla)

April 19, 2008
What a great week! We have been fed fabulous meals by Anavel, each one better than the last. Olman created great new concoctions in addition to his fantastic Pina Coladas and Margaritas! Mariela made certain that we were in clean clothes all the time in addition to spotless rooms before we finished breakfast! We want to take all three home.

Rosa and her team at Five Star Salon & Spa were so good. We did a 2nd 90-minute massage at the end of our stay! Francisco helped with everything from start to finish.

April 5, 2008
It's hard to imagine a place that would fit the definition of comfort in paradise any better. Or to find kinder, funnier people to be taken care of by.
Hopefully we will be back next year speaking fluent Spanish so that we can communicte more freely ;-)
Thank you all so much for everything! PURA VIDA,
-- Sharon & Jami, Livermore, CA

We love the food. Thank you for letting us stay.
-- The Bobo's - David, Pam, Sara, Rebecca, Sally, & Leon, Woodstock, GA

April 4, 2008
Thank you so much for the best trip ever!
Olman & Annabell absolutely the most wonderful people ever! The food was to die for!
Thanks to Marianna we had clean clothes every day and a fresh clean room!
Costa Rica is definitely a great place to spend time with family. I can't wait for our next trip!
-- Annette Marks & Jake Schmidt, San Jose, California

This visit was even better than the last We'll miss you all so much.
Thank you for your gracious hospitality and wonderful friendships.
Hope to see you all very soon.
-- Love, Herb & Colleen Schmidt

March 1, 2008
Thanks for the great time at Villa Mariposa! Olman, Annabel, & Mariela are the BEST! Hated to leave but will be back for sure. One of the greatest experiences I have had. Mucho gracious!
-- Jason, Scott, Steve & Birt, Oregon

WOW! WOW! WOW! It could not have been any better . . . We'll be back for sure.

The Neagle's (Chuck, Kelli, Elan, & Brogan) had a fantastic time! The staff was great! The Mia Safari was very nice, hiking and horseback riding at the Bouquin Hotel was great. Playa Ocatal beach is not as crowded and beautiful. Deep sea fishing with Blue Marlin (Playa Coco) was good. We loved our boat ride at Paulo Verde - monkeys jumped into the boat with us! Our daught especially loved her "chocolate" massage at Bouquin Hotel! We LOVE Costa Rica. We'll be back!
-- The Neagles's, Dallas, TX

I loved Costa Rica. I'm 8 and I loved the deep sea fishing. It was a fun pool at the villa. I'm coming back. they make the best food in the whole wide world. I saw cool monkeys. I think they have great service.
-- Love, Brogan Neagle, Dallas, TX

I loved Costa Rica! The food was GREAT. I recommend everyting we did. Feeding the mondeys was soooo fun! Also, I loved the Chocolate massage. The Safari was fun too. I liked feeding the giraffes. We will be back!!!
-- Elan, 10 years old.

February 16, 2008
Everything was wonderful! Especially Olman, Annabel, & Mariella - they spoiled us. We had a great time here in Costa Rica. We plan on returning again soon. God Bless,
-- Cindy Carter
-- Patty Russell
-- Jimmy Hughes
-- Washington, DC

January 25, 2008
Sweet friends, Annavel, Olman & Mariella - "God Bless"
It was fabulous! Magnifico, simply marvelous and b-b-b-beautiful!!
We'll be back - can't wait!!
-- Herb & Colleen Schmidt, Hat Creek, CA
-- Rick & Kelly, Burney, CA


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